And so it begins…

Well hey. My name’s Danielle and obviously I’m starting a new blog. I’ve had a personal Livejournal account that I’ve had since junior year of high school, but I don’t really use it anymore… So I thought it might be time for something a little more grown-up, and remembered using WordPress for a college class I took, so voila, I’m here.

I’m not entirely sure if there’s a theme to this blog. Maybe it’ll be about my struggle with weight loss.. no, probably not. I mean, yeah I’ve been struggling since pretty much forever, but I’m making changes and while I’ll definitely talk about that, I don’t want to be a total Debbie Downer. So it’ll probably be a mix of my weight loss journey (and dammit, this time I will beat it for the sake of my future kids and my future health), random funny bits about my dogs, funny moments with my husband, Matt, and how cool being married can be, photos from my life, fun video games… among lots of other things. Work will probably stay out of most things, because I work in a pretty hush hush industry (no, I don’t sell babies on the black market), and I’d really rather not get fired for saying the wrong thing… So yeah! Here’s hoping this works out and maybe some people start reading. And here’s also hoping I have the energy to balance life and keeping this updated.



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4 responses to “And so it begins…

  1. Welcome to the blogging world! And greetings from california!!!!

  2. all the cool kids have blogs these days 😉

    • Um how did I NOT know you have an amazing blog?! I just started reading it and I am so excited to have a new blog to read! Also, I never told you this but you are part of the inspiration I have to get healthier and uhh yeah, seeing you in September (because goddamn shorty, you be lookin’ foine), made me want to get myself into shape, lose the weight and feel good about myself!

      Anyway, guess it’s true, all the cool kids DO have blogs these days. 🙂

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