I really love our house…

I am sitting here, waiting for some of our friends to come over to watch Survivor and Modern Family (what we do every Wednesday night), and I looked up and realized, “I really love our house.”

Our house in the snow!

Yup, that’s our house this past winter after we got a TON of snow. We bought our house almost a year ago. In fact, it was right around this time last year that we started looking for houses. Our house actually was our favorite from the start; we called it the “dream house”. What we loved most was the great room… It has a beautiful vaulted pine wood ceiling, and well, it’s huge!

Great room ceiling!

My other favorite part of this room, that I feel like gets sometimes forgotten about, is the stained glass window. When it’s sunny out during the evening, the sun shines through and beautiful colors begin to spill onto anything in its path. It makes me happier than words can say, and I know that’s something pretty simple/might seem silly, but it does.

Stained glass window

I’m glad things worked out the way they did. We bought this house and though at times it seems too big for us, it’s perfect for what’s to come. I think that’s a big part of the reason I love our house so much; it signifies our future. Right now, we’re a small family (or “baby family”, as APW calls it), with Matt, myself, our 2 dogs and cat (wait, that doesn’t sound like a small family), but hopefully one day our family will continue to grow.

It’s amazing how over a year ago, we had no idea we’d be living in a house like this. We thought we’d be stuck in our little 2-bedroom apartment for awhile longer, at least until after the wedding. But somehow we pulled it off, (without going into horrible debt while planning a wedding, which I give Matt constant high fives about on a daily basis), and, uh, we OWN a house. It’s so weird to think that I own a house with my husband.

Like holy crap, since when did I suddenly become an adult over here? That’s still arguable though, considering the word “poop” makes me laugh like I’m 5. I’m learning how to balance being an adult while letting the 5 year old me have her moments. But I have to say, being an adult does have its perks, like our new home.



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