Simple days can be revitalizing

Do you ever have a day that is so wonderful and so.. full of happiness, that you just can’t help but smile and be reminded of how good life can be? Today’s been one of those days for both Matt and me. In fact, Matt stopped me earlier and just said, “I had no idea how badly I needed a day like today.”

Since I had today off from work, Matt decided to also take the day off with me so we could both have a 3-day weekend. We woke up to the sun shining in our bedroom and that is one of my favorite things. I think with having such a brutal Seattle winter and then crappy start to spring, everyone here is just enjoying the sun as much as possible. I dilly-dallied around for awhile, then eventually got ready so we could head out to breakfast at our favorite place, Wild Wheat Bakery. Okay seriously, if you live in Seattle or in the area and you’re reading this, please go here. You will not be disappointed. Our friends Kim and John even checked this place out while they were here for our wedding and thoroughly enjoyed it. (I mention them because I know they love Yelp and reviewing food, and both seemed to like it a lot!)

On our way in, we came across a fat squirrel eating seeds outside of the passenger side of our car. He seemed friendly, but ran away when Matt got near him. As soon as we walked away, he came back down the tree he had run up and went back to nomnoming on his seeds.

Anyway, we got seated and our waitress remembered us like she always does, no matter how much time passes between us eating there. Matt ordered a cup of coffee and I ordered a nonfat almond latte and it was delightful. They have the best coffee and always make it look so pretty.

Soon our breakfasts were served to us and I was so excited. Matt and I have a rule that we watch what we eat/eat pretty healthy and then once a week, we’re allowed to have one meal that is not necessarily super healthy (but also not a bucket of grease on a plate). We tend to try to eat light for the rest of the day, but yeah, it’s a great way of allowing ourselves to “cheat” once a week. So, with that, Matt got the Eggs Benedict and I got a ham and mushroom omelet. Both come with these amazing red potatoes and your choice of bread. I always get the hazelnut currant bread with mine. Their bread is amazing. They make it in their bakery and it’s always fresh and perfect.

We were both happy campers after we finished our meals. We started making our way back to the car and I took a photo of Matt because of how much I love downtown Kent. It’s cute as heck and is a great place to walk around (and eat yummy Greek food at night!)

We drove over to Kent Station to go to Bath and Body Works. We’re a little addicted to their stuff. We have scent bugs, wallflowers, and their candles. Sooo of course they were having a sale and we bought 3 candles, (Lilac Blossom, Eucalyptus Mint, and Fresh Bamboo), wallflowers, a new scent bug, and more scent bug oils. Our living room smells AMAZING. Ugh I’m in love and obsessed with their scents and it’s an addiction. (Matt has totally fallen in love with them, too, haha, though he’d never admit it.)

We walked around a bit longer, then made our way over to Costco for a few items. I oohed and aahed over some newer Nikon body+lens kits. Eventually I’ll upgrade from my D40 to something newer. But for now, it does a good job and I’m happy with it. Oh and I also picked up a Weight Watchers cookbook, as I remembered really enjoying WW recipes from a few years ago. I’m actually really excited to try out some of these recipes, like whole-wheat buttermilk waffles. I’m making those tomorrow and hoping they turn out tasty!

As we drove around, we were both smiling and laughing and being goofy because we always are. I love that about Matt; that he and I can literally make up songs and sing them together. Or that I can tell him I stole his nose and ate it and threaten he’ll never get it back again. Yeah, we’re total goobers but I don’t care. We make each other happy and I love spending time with him.

We got home and cleaned up and put out all the new scents. The puppies were happy to have the french doors wide open so they could come inside or stay outside as long as they wanted. Matt prepped our cauliflower for steaming and our garden burgers, and it was the perfect dinner.

What I love about today was that nothing extraordinary happened. We went out for breakfast, we did some shopping and walking and talking. We cleaned the house and made an easy dinner. But sometimes those are the days you need. Time to sit and talk and laugh and be goofy and not worry about anything. It was so nice to not think about work, or visits to the dentist (Matt’s appointment got changed), traveling, or anything else. It reminded me of the days when Matt and I had tons of free time when we were in college to do whatever we wanted. It’s nice to know we don’t need have some crazy fun event happening in order for us to be genuinely happy together.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make you happiest.


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