Ohhh weekend, you go by too fast!

(This post was entirely written PRIOR to the news of Osama Bin Laden being dead, ha.)

No recipe for the weekend. I DID make lovely peanut butter cookies from the WW cookbook, but Amy and I were so busy talking as we made them together that I forgot to take photos of the whole process. I did take photos of the dough and then final product below, though! I promise next time I make them I will post the recipe because they’re delightful.

So my weekend has been pretty awesome. It involved us buying new iPhones (which take awesome pictures and I’m so excited because of this), having our weekend “cheat” lunch at Red Robin, running fun errands, having Bruce and Amy over for dinner and then game night, tasty waffles, sitting outside in the sun, Matt playing his banjo, playing with the pups and Snifter, playing Ticket to Ride with Matt again today (who got very frustrated that he lost by a lot, wompwomp), watching South Park, and lots of relaxing.

My biggest issue with this weekend, though, is that it went by way too fast. Jeepers crow, it’s like we didn’t even get a chance to just enjoy the whole thing. I think part of it might be that work has been absolutely brutal for both of us as of late, and so it’s left us in need of some time away and some time to just have fun together. Unfortunately, 2 days just didn’t feel like it was enough… but at least it was a good weekend full of sun and happiness. 🙂


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