Poll time… and I need YOUR input!

So I’ve been thinking about my topics for my blog and realized I’m not sure what people like reading most. I know this thing is new but I want to have an idea of what people are interested in reading, and what people couldn’t give a crap about and/or bores them. Or maybe you guys like reading about any and everything that I post! I don’t really know! So with that, I created a few polls and would really really appreciate if people could answer the questions. It’ll take you all of 2 minutes, if that, and would really help give me an idea as to what direction I may want to go with my posts in the future/with the blog as a whole.

If you have any suggestions that I didn’t bring up in the polls, feel free to comment (but don’t be too harsh on me, I’m new to this! Haha.) Thanks so much. 🙂

I’ve been fighting with the formatting on these polls for the past half hour and have given up. Sooo they look weird/terrible but I cannot for the life of me figure out why they’re turning out this way, so just pretend they don’t look horrible and stuff…


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