Goodbyes, Gods, and Gourmet

This weekend was pretty full of activities but we managed to have fun together, because that’s just how Matt and I roll.

Friday night after work we went out for our friend’s Lindsey goodbye dinner/drinks at Mama Stortinis. Lindsey is one of Matt’s co-workers and a really good friend to both of us, and Friday was her last day working for their company. Matt was definitely feeling bummed out about it but we live like 5 minutes from Lindsey so we’ll still see her. I was quite proud that neither Matt or I caved in and got any dinner, as we were saving our cheat dinner for Mother’s Day.

Saturday we got up early due to our dogs being antsy pants. Seriously, our dogs are like little kids wanting to wake you up as early as possible on the weekends (yet during the week are impossible to wake up because it’s too early for them, haha.) Milo does a Mexican Hat Dance with a squeaky toy all over the bed and/or on top of you, and Anya paces around saying something to the effect of “RARARARRRRooorrRRARAR.”

Anyway, I slept in a little later than Matt did, when Matt reminded me upon coming downstairs that it was our weigh-in day! Excited, I asked Matt how much he’d lost. He told me he was down 7 pounds this week! I immediately ran upstairs and weighed myself, telling myself not to get too excited in case I didn’t lose anything. Lo and behold, I too lost 7 pounds! I shouted downstairs to Matt and I was so so so proud of us. So happy to say goodbye to that weight… We lost a combined 14 pounds this past week and it was awesome to know that yes, we are doing this, and it’s working.

I’m aware there will be weeks where we lose 1 pound, or no pounds, or even gain a pound. But to have these moments of victory is such a good feeling, and to have it be going well for both of us is awesome. I can’t even imagine how it’ll be when we start nightly walks once the weather is nicer!

We ate breakfast and played around with the pets (Matt thought singing “The Circle of Life” while holding Snifter in the air was funny.. it made me laugh), then made our way down to Kent Station to go see Thor with Bruce and Amy.

Um, Thor was awesome. It was cheesy and epic and so much fun. Unfortunately there was a guy sitting in our row who literally slurped his entire drink through the first half of the movie. I don’t do well with slurpers and Matt had to nudge me because I kept looking over/wanted to say something.

But yeah, we really enjoyed the movie, then parted ways with Bruce and Amy to run a bunch of errands. Upon getting home, we made the marinade for our Honey-mustard Porkchops (recipe to be posted on Tuesday), then I made us diet soda chocolate peanut butter cake (also posting that later in the week) and hung out and relaxed and caught up on some shows we missed during the week. Dinner was SO GOOD (I also made onion rings but I messed them up a little bit, we know for next time though!), and we enjoyed our cake.

Today was Mother’s Day, so we had plans to go out to dinner with Matt’s family at Duke’s Chowder House. I made sure my own Momma Mia had delightful presents delivered to her (I got her Friday Night Lights Season 5 and Tina Fey’s BossyPants) and it sounded like she had a good day back on the east coast… Upon waking up, I immediately got started on making our dinner/food for the next few days, Turkey Chowder.

After I got that going in the slow cooker, we ate some cereal for breakfast (going light since we knew lunch was going to be a bit higher calorie than normal), then headed out early to stop by Target for Matt. We listened to the new Fleet Foxes and held hands and talked and it made me really happy. I love those moments where you get so overwhelmed with how much you love the other person you just want to cry.

We went to Target, where I got fun slip ons for the summer, and we of course had to play in the toy aisle because we are children.

After our little trip to Target, we went to Duke’s for a late lunch and it was good. Matt and I both had fish tacos, and I only ate one of my two tacos because I was so full. I was proud that I allowed myself to enjoy my meal but also not go overboard, same going for Matt. Sue seemed to like her cards and presents and it was a great meal!

We got home, ate dinner, and I played Ticket to Ride on the Xbox while Matt packed up for NYC. He has to go for work until Thursday night, which is never fun for either of us. He doesn’t really like NYC at all, and I don’t like being home alone. But I figure I’ll keep myself busy with cleaning, doing laundry, and blogging, until I can pick him up at the airport on Thursday night.

All in all, a good weekend with my best friend in the whole world. I’m going to miss Matt during the week but he’ll be back before me or the doggies (and Snifter) know it. 🙂



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3 responses to “Goodbyes, Gods, and Gourmet

  1. Love those slip ons!!! Looks like a blast of a weekend 🙂

    • They’re super comfortable, too. I like when I find awesome comfy shoes… Now if only I could wear them to work, haha.

      And yes, overall it was a good weekend. Can’t believe in less than 2 weeks we’ll be at your WEDDING! Holy cow. 🙂

  2. Meaghan

    hahahhaa I love the toy aisle pics

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