Restaurant Rant Time

Okay, this is kind of a sudden rant, and it’ll probably be short… and it’s probably something you’ve heard many times but… it is so frustrating how difficult it is to find healthy options at restaurants! I bring this up as rumors are going around the office that our CEO is buying everyone lunch from a local restaurant chain here in Seattle. While most people are pumped, running around yelling, “YEAH FREE LUNCH WOOOO!” I’m actually sitting here thinking, “Well shit…”

Matt and I do a “cheat” meal once a week, typically the afternoon/evening after we’ve done our weekly weigh-in. When we do this, we have whatever we want while still caring somewhat as to how many calories we’re eating just so we know. I love this idea; it allows us to go out to a restaurant and basically not care for a minute. But again, I like to do that after our weigh-in, with Matt, at a restaurant of our choice. Not the day before weigh-in, from a restaurant whose salads are all over 500 calories, except their side salad. (Click below to see a bigger version.

Uhh holy canoli. I know you can ask for dressing on the side, less cheese, etc. But when you’re in the office and have 20 orders, you’re not about to be difficult and give all these instructions as to how to have your stuff made. Plus chances are, it’ll get screwed up in the process.

It’s so frustrating to have no choice when getting something from a restaurant. Why can’t places have more healthier options? I know Applebee’s does a WeightWatchers menu, and for that I applaud them, so why can’t other places do the same? The fact that they have healthier options that AREN’T just a salad is actually pretty awesome. They also have a “under 550 calories” menu that isn’t just salads. On the flip side, it’s hard to get people to want to go to Applebee’s, just because for normal food, it’s kind of blah.

The Cheesecake Factory is the worst offender, though they do offer salads “under 590 calories”.. Um hi, I do not want to eat 520 calories of SALAD. If I’m going to eat 500+ calories, make it a few pieces of pizza or something. Outside of their salads though, their portions are GINORMOUS and the calories go all the way up to 2,000. That’s 500 more than I eat in a day. Mega wompwomp.

So yeah, if rumors are true about getting free lunch, I’m probably going to have to pass. I can’t justify eating a salad for 600 calories for lunch, or eating maybe 3 bites of something for 400, as I will be starving by mid-afternoon. It’s too bad more restaurants don’t provide healthier options, and it’s even harder when you have to explain to people why you’re choosing not to order a free meal. You end up looking like a snot, and people start to feel guilty about getting their lobster mac ‘n cheese.

Overall, crappy experience, crappy feeling. I’ll try to hide out from ordering if this whole thing goes down, and sneak my way out to getting a half sandwich and soup downstairs for 400 calories, leaving me full until later instead of consuming a ton of calories and being left with an empty stomach.



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5 responses to “Restaurant Rant Time

  1. Meaghan

    UGH that sucks. I am a sucker for cobb salads myself so I am glad to see that one is on the lower end of the scale, even though they are basically just bacon, eggs, blue cheese, avocados, olives….oh my god so good.

  2. Truly, there is no such thing as a free lunch!

    I don’t hold it against a restaurant if they don’t have a wealth of healthy options, but I do hold it against a person ordering for a big group that chooses that particular restaurant. Like, if you’re ordering for two dozen people, pick a place that has vegetarian options, inoffensive “I’m sixty and have only eaten American food” options and healthy options.

    • No kidding… It’s hard because if you don’t want to order, you feel like a total asshole and everyone starts asking, “WHY AREN’T YOU GETTING ANYTHING?!” I don’t like having to explain to the world that I’m eating healthier, etc. All I’m asking is to have a few healthy options that aren’t salads, that’s all. Fortunately I figured out how to be able to eat lunch, not starve, and not blow away my calories. It still took me 45 minutes of messing around with options, and I had to ask for specifics (so fingers crossed my order is done correctly to save 300 calories). But yeah, unfortunately some people don’t really give a crap about that kind of stuff.

  3. Free food. That is the hardest thing for me when I’m trying to eat healthy. On one hand, it’s important to me to live a healthy lifestyle. On the other hand, I pay $650 a month in student loans and am extremely poor. Usually I choose the free food. I really respect people who can stick to their guns in the face of a delicious delicious free pizza.

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