Family, Weddings, and Flying

As I write what will probably be an epic blog post, full of photos and video, I’m actually sitting around 35,000 feet in the air on a JetBlue airplane, listening to Mumford and Sons and surprisingly not entirely hating my flight. Though by the time this gets published we’ll be at home, I thought I could get a head start on writing about our whirlwind but AMAZING weekend full of seeing my family, seeing old friends, and watching two of our favorite people, John and Kim, get married and start a new journey in their lives.

Let’s rewind to Thursday night, where we left our pups and Snifter with Brian and his lovely girlfriend Vanessa. We decided to take a red-eye so we could have all of Friday to spend with my family, leaving from Seattle at 11:30 and getting into Boston at around 7:30 Friday morning. It was so scarily quiet at the airport I was a little creeped out.

Holy crap, one of the worst flights ever. Number one, I’ve never experienced turbulence so horrible in my life. I actually started to get a little nervous because of how bad it was. What really made the flight awful is through trying to get some sleep, a guy 2 rows behind us threw up the ENTIRE flight. And he wasn’t quiet about it either. I felt so bad for the people sitting next to him. I would not have been able to handle someone throwing up next to me in an already claustrophobic space.

So my stomach already gets upset while flying, add this guy puking his brains out and I was miserable. At one point I was able to close my eyes, and as I opened them, Matt was in a fetal position, covering his ears and closing his eyes because he couldn’t handle the noise, either. It was a sad sight, and when we finally landed I blessed little baby Jesus for getting me off that damn flight. The only redeeming quality of that flight was the beautiful sunrise.

We picked up our rental car (which reminds me, I need to leave Enterprise a not very nice review due to some lady there accusing me of lying, and the fact that they charged our credit card 3 times. Epic fail on their part) and headed out to go stop by Boston College. It was so nice to be back in Boston, seeing the old brick buildings and downtown. That’s something you tend to miss once you’ve left… It’s a beautiful city for very different reasons than Seattle, but I adore it.

(Random side note: while these extra legroom seats are nice, the one downside is when someone poops in the bathroom, it literally takes over all surrounding air and nearly knocks you out. Matt and I just experienced this and I want to die. I mean I know people gotta poop, but dear Lord..)

Anyway, we went to the BC campus, and went to the bookstore for a couple of items. However, we were sad to see that the Dust Bowl is being completely destroyed/built on, so the campus is under heavy construction.. Either way, Matt was happy we were able to stop by while we were there, as I know he really misses it.

We headed south on our trek to Abington, and as we drove I was SO SAD to see that the big blow-up lock was NOT on the building it’s always on (anyone who drive Route 3 South knows what building I’m talking about), and so I took a photo of such a naked and sad building.

We got Dunkin Donuts (YAAAAYYY!) and went over to my Mom’s house, where she was hanging out with Brad. It was so nice to be back in little Abington for a bit. Brianna got home from school a few hours later. I missed my little sister way too much! We caught up for awhile, and relaxed after being up all night. Had lunch with my Dad and Brianna at the 99 (Haha chain I know, but oh my word they had amazing warm lobster rolls that were literally all lobster, no mayo or anything. They were amazing.) It was nice to spend some time with my Dad, though he seemed like he really missed me. Those moments are hard and when I wish that Seattle was closer to Boston so flights weren’t so expensive.

After lunch, we went back to my Mom’s house and hung out there with everyone until around 8ish. My mom made some amazing turkey meatballs and cream pie that was super low-cal for dinner and dessert. I think I might need to steal the recipe from her and post it on here because holy cow was it good.

Seeing my family makes me really happy. Though it’s hard to be so far from them, it makes it all the more special to spend time with them. I’m hoping to get Brianna back out to Seattle next summer or something.

We got in our car, entered our hotel’s address in the GPS and made our way up and north to Lawrence. For some reason I forgot that Lawrence is seriously right next to New Hampshire, so it took us around an hour but we made it. Though I thought I would pass out from exhaustion, I was still excited to go over the Bunker Hill bridge, so I had Matt take a photo.

I don’t think I’d ever been so happy to lay on a bed in my life. John, the groom in Saturday’s wedding, made a little surprise visit to our room and we caught up with him. He and Matt even took a delightful (and kind of inappropriate?) photo on Matt’s MacBook Air. We went to bed as we were remarkably exhausted from a long but really fun day.

That night we slept for like 11 hours, waking up at around 10, and knew we needed coffee stat. As we walked down to the lobby, we ran into John again, who was cool as a cucumber, haha. We walked over to Dunkin Donuts, and as we rounded the corner we were stopped by one of the most delightful people on earth, Matt’s old college roommate, Doug. I think the exchange went something like:


Followed by massive bear hugs for everyone. Doug is one of those people who will put a smile on your face in a hot second. We caught up with him for a bit, then got coffee and breakfast (ugh I am now obsessed with those turkey sausage egg white flatbreads). Dunkin Donuts, serving delightful breakfasts and reuniting old friends.

We lazed around our room for awhile, where I obsessively played Ticket to Ride on my iPad. Seriously, 10 bucks to have every version (Switzerland included) of the best board game on your iPad, with the ability to play people online? It’s literally passed the time on this trip so well, in the airports, hanging out, and on my flights.

Okay so, this normally would be the part where I continue on with talking about the wedding, but I realized if I do that, this post will be TOO epic and there are so many photos, I’d rather give it its own post.

So yes, you’ll have to wait to hear about the beautiful wedding, the amazing food (and dear God I will not forget that chocolate cake with chocolate ganache for awhile; totally worth the cheat meal), the dancing (I even somehow got Matt to dance a little, though it took Doug nearly dragging him out with us, haha), the tweets (no seriously, the wedding managed to have its own hashtag, #serpikim) and just overall wonderful time we had celebrating our good friends’ wedding.

We got up super early this morning, and walking out to the car totally heard like 80 birds chirping. We somehow made it from dropping off our rental car and all the way through security in 15 minutes. That does not EVER happen at Logan Airport, ever. It must’ve been a record.

Anyway, we just flew past the Great Lakes, and still have around 2 1/2-3 hours left, but this flight has been much more pleasant than our red-eye. No throwing up, plenty of leg space, You’ve Got Mail on my TV, Ticket to Ride in front of me and the ability to blog is making time pass by much quicker.

Though I’m looking forward to being home with our animals and in our own bed, I’m so so happy we were able to see my family and be at John and Kim’s wedding. Wonderful weekend spent with so many wonderful people! Soon, I will have a wedding post filled with photos and maybe even a video!


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