Team Serpico: The Wedding

It’s been too many days since I’ve updated. I planned on writing something Thursday night, but Thursday turned into me screaming and breaking down over things, so by the time I came out of Hulk-mode, it was 11pm, I was emotionally and physically exhausted, and wanted nothing more than to go to bed and not have to go to work the next day. Don’t worry, the whole Hulk-mode freak out thing had nothing to do with Matt, or anything else like that. So again, apologies for no posting but by the time the weekend came here I just needed some laughs and smiles, along with total vegging out. Sometimes you just don’t feel like writing or doing ANYTHING and this was definitely one of those times.

Anyway, while I have a recap of what was a wonderful weekend, full of photos and happy times, I first wanted to talk about the wedding we went to over a week ago.

Kim and John got married in a beautiful venue in Lawrence, MA. I think I forgot it was so close to New Hampshire (aka beefs pagoda – see the text exchange below for reference). Anyway, it was a wonderful day, and once we got all prettied up, we headed out to grab the cheese for the cocktail hour.


We totally had fun with it, because we’re dorks, and finally stumbled upon the coordinator to hand off the cheese. We walked over to the venue and it was such a neat room. Brick walls, sitting area full of vintage furniture, and so much space. We walked around, signed the guestbook, caught up with some old friends (like Nicole, who I don’t think I’d actually seen in person since a random Piebald show in high school, haha), and soon found a seat as the ceremony was beginning. I thought it was also really cool that was we waited, the music playing were awesome orchestral covers of some of Kim and John’s favorites. Definitely heard a little Weezer and No Doubt/Gwen Stefani, classy-style.




The ceremony was short and sweet and beautiful (definitely my kinda ceremony), and it was wonderful to see both John and Kim look so happy. I knew how much work they put into this night so to see it come together was pretty awesome. I think when you’ve gone through planning a wedding yourself, you truly understand how awesome it is when everything comes together. So yeah, they got married and everyone cheered and it was delightful.


We moved over to the building next door for a cocktail hour while the wedding party went and took photos. It was such a neat spot full of art and I totally took more photos than probably necessary, but whatev. We ended up chatting with Doug for a long while (because Doug is delightful), and another guy who neither Matt nor I knew (but I felt like I recognized him from BC, and he definitely seemed to know Doug so, yeah.)



After some amazing hors d’oeuvres, everyone eventually made their way over to the main venue again for the reception. The traditional dances were had, and were beautiful. Kim’s sister danced with her Dad halfway through the father-daughter dance and yeah, that dance as a whole made me a little teary-eyed. I don’t get like that with most weddings, but I swear having been through it makes you so happy for everyone involved because you get it… that you just get kind of overwhelmed with emotion.



Music started playing, and people were definitely filing in and out onto the dance floor while others chatted with their table mates and relaxed before dinner. Oh my God, that dinner. They had BBQ and it was wonderful. I love a good corn bread and mac ‘n cheese and yeah… it was worth it (even though I ate way too much food!) Later on I ate the amazing cake and Matt and I split the carrot cake and chocolate cake with chocolate ganache. Both were definitely to die for and made me want to go buy an entire cake from wherever they got it from. That good, yes.


The favors on the table piqued my interest, as they were way too adorable and upon opening the box, we found BC-colored M&Ms, with “Team Serpico” on the back of each candy. Totally cute, and totally John and Kim. I love when a wedding is personalized and you feel like you get a real understanding of a couple. It makes it special and intimate and you leave feeling like you got to be part of a really awesome moment for your friends.


Eventually I danced (and even somehow got Matt out a couple of times), and overall had a really fun time. We said our goodbyes, as we realized we needed to get SOME sleep before our 4am wake up, and I was so happy we were able to be there, to be a part of such a special day, and to see some of our great friends become husband and wife. 🙂



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2 responses to “Team Serpico: The Wedding

  1. Awww, I love this entry and all the photos of the details. I always try to capture those small things at weddings too. It means so much to hear all of the awesome comments and love about all the personalization we did. YAY!

  2. yayyy, me!
    and yay, #serpikim! it was so nice seeing you after so long 🙂

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