Weekend in Photos

Okay okay, so it may seem like I’m totally copping out here by not writing a full post. BUT! I’m in the process of preparing for our camping trip that we’ve literally had planned since October (wait til I post photos of the camp site we’re staying at, you’ll understand why you have to book it 9 months in advance!) Between all of this packing, list-making, and shopping, along with work (ughblah) and other stuff, I haven’t had a ton of time to write a post. So I thought it might be kind of fun to just post some photos from the weekend, which was pleasant, in lieu of a long post for today.

I should have time to write something tomorrow evening, then Wednesday night we’re doing last-minute shopping along with packing up the car. Up at around 5am to make our way up to catch our ferry, then in complete peace for a few days. I can’t even begin to explain how much I need this right now; it’s definitely coming at the right time due to work being pretty intense as of late. And don’t you worry, that trip will provide many photos and quite a post I’m sure.


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