Oh dear God, I’m exercising?

Monday morning, and I’m a little bummed. It was such a fabulous weekend that I’m sad is over. Celebrated Matt’s birthday with breakfast, cupcakes, grilled pizza with friends, games, relaxing, and a trip to our old neighborhood (Wallingford!).. Even though I lost 4.4 pounds this past week, after the breakfast and cupcakes, I’m hoping I didn’t just destroy that weight loss (don’t think I did, but cupcakes named after Elvis Presley can make a girl feel a little guilty – yes, banana cupcake with peanut butter frosting, yum.). That being said, today is a big day for me.

I’m going to the gym for the first time in um… years.

When my company moved buildings, I found out that as tenants, we get free access to a gym located in our building. As soon as I heard the word free, I knew there was no reason for me not to go. It’s in my building, literally on my way out. And it’s not tiny, either. So I figured if I went for around 45 minutes, then caught the later train that Matt usually takes, it’d be a great way to get a workout in 3 times a week (to start). The only downside to this is that the dogs are at home for around 45 minutes longer, but they’re usually pretty okay with it.

So yeah, I’m excited but I’m also nervous. Number one, I’m so out of shape it’s not even funny. I mean obviously being overweight will put a person out of shape, but I haven’t been active past walking around downtown/running for my train/cleaning around the house/occasionally playing the Kinect. I’m not sitting here thinking about to bust out 45 minutes of jogging right now, but I also am not looking forward to being totally horrified at how out of shape I am. So I’ve prepared myself for leaving the gym feeling like a dork, but even going is a pretty big first step anyway!

The other thing I need to get over is the whole working out around others. I get self-conscious, especially around women running a marathon on the treadmill while I’m doing my walk. This is something I know I will get over quickly; everyone is there to work out and do their own thing. I used to workout every day for 2 hours and at first it was a wee bit intimidating to be around a bunch of super fit college kids/athletes, but I got used to it.

Outside of that, I’m pretty excited to start having a weekly routine of some exercise. Just some walking/working out on the elliptical, along with some weight/circuit-training should really help. So let’s hope that week one isn’t absolute torture and that I can actually move my body Tuesday morning. Though there is something about feeling the burn the next morning that is pretty satisfying… I’m proud that I’m doing this and slowly adding a regular workout routine in my life. πŸ™‚



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6 responses to “Oh dear God, I’m exercising?

  1. Meg

    I hope it goes well, sounds like a great set up!

    • There’s no reason for it not to go well. The only scenario I can think of is if it’s super busy and I can’t get on any machines I want. However, one of my co-workers went last week and told me it was rarely busy around the time our office closes, so my hope is I get down there, work out, and get out before it gets busy.

      But yeah, I mean, my thing is if I workout while on my way home, that is TOTALLY doable vs. I get home, sit down, and then there is no way that I am moving for the next few hours until I go to bed, haha. I’m trying to set myself up to succeed as much as possible with this. πŸ™‚

  2. just found you through Twitter and I had to comment on this because DUDE. I’ve often felt the same way – I can’t start going to the gym until I’m in shape enough to be at the gym. it’s a vicious cycle; I ended up buying a treadmill so I could run in the privacy of my garage until I got confident enough to start running outside (I’m not sure why I’m afraid my neighbors will judge my wheezing and slow pace). it’s also nice having workout equipment within 5 minutes of your bed – it really does take away some of my old excuses πŸ™‚ good luck!

    • No exactly! I’ve been sitting here being like, okay well I need to lose more weight before I go to the gym… But then I finally said, no, you can at least go walk on a treadmill for a half hour and do weights for 15 minutes. I’m not THAT out of shape that I can’t walk or lift weights. So no excuses, I’m doing this.

      I have the issue, as mentioned above, that if I get home and sit down, I will not get back up and exercise. I had some workout machines before in our old apartment and ended up selling them because I never used them. I even have the Kinect and don’t use it nearly enough. There’s something about being in my house and finally relaxing after a long day of work that makes me say, nope, not moving, no way. And so I don’t. But if I just go to the gym on my way out the door every day, I have a much better chance of making this a routine for myself.

      Thanks for commenting by the way, I love when random people find me on twitter or on here and say hi. It makes me realize I’m not writing to the same 5 people every day.

  3. Lindsay Reagan

    You can literally be out of shape at ANY weight. I never saw myself as fat but I did see myself as being out of shape. I used to play three sports in high school that never went anywhere beyond that. The only sport I played in college was drinking. Then I saw pictures of myself and though oh…that part of me used to have some sort definition rather than just hanging there. I joined planet fitness (they literally stick to their word as a judgement free zone) and work out alongside 80year old men and I LOVE IT. My muscles were there, just dormant for a while and are slowly starting to get back to where they used to be. I never pay attention to the 90lb girls who use a 10lb resistance on each machine in their skin tight yoga pants because my body will never be like that. I am also NOT CUTE when I work out. I mean frizzy hair, red face, wrinkled forehead “angry face” as I push harder and harder. As soon as I realized that, I was pretty comfortable working out around others πŸ™‚ Have fun and don’t make excuses to not work out-that’s the worst enemy. I found excuses to go TO the gym rather than stay home (like the cute boy who works at the reception desk…)

    • Yeah I have to remind myself of that! A few years ago, when I was working out like a crazy woman daily, I remember my first day I could only do like 15 minutes of the elliptical machine. Soon enough I was banging out an hour on that thing along with an hour of weight training. I’ll probably be dying after today’s workout and every muscle will hurt, but I need to start somewhere.

      Also, I’m pretty sure I’m a hot mess while working out, but I don’t really care. There’s no reason for me not to stop at the gym on my way home, I literally walk right past it sooo.. yeah, I’m doing this. πŸ™‚

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