Tooth infection and baby raccoons

You ever have a weekend that you have tons of awesome plans for, but ends up being totally different than you ever imagined it would be? Yeah, I just had one of those weekends.

Friday was great. After work, I worked out (4 times last week!), then met Matt and walked around downtown for a bit before heading over to the Dahlia Lounge for dinner. One of my teeth started to somewhat bother me, but I figured it was just my teeth moving around or something. Matt’s parents showed up and we had a delicious dinner and dessert.

However, by the time dinner was over my teeth were really bothering me. Last time I’d been to the dentist, my teeth were totally fine, all cavities had been filled, and what was even odder was that the tooth that was bothering me was a tooth I’d had a root canal years ago on, with no issues since then.

We came home, I took some ibuprofen, and conked out after a long day.

Saturday morning I woke up and my mouth was a little swollen, and in pain, but I figured some ibuprofen could take care of it. By the time we headed down to my sister and brther-in-laws’ (Sarah and Adrian), stuck in nasty traffic, I found myself in near tears at the pain. This was no moving teeth or whatever, this was definitely a full-blown toothache. We got to Sarah and Adrian’s, where I took another Tylenol and started to feel somewhat better. Sarah, who is a nurse practitioner, took a look at it and said she was pretty sure it was an infection and that I needed antibiotics. In the meantime, I took a Vicodin and felt better, so we went out to dinner for Matt’s birthday.

After a delicious and fun dinner, we headed back to the house, and noticed the car in front of us stopped. On the other side of the road, there was a car bumper, then we noticed 3 baby raccoons with their Mom, who had been hit by the car. It was the saddest thing I’d ever seen, as the babies were sitting by their mom, one of them still trying to nurse. We pulled over, calling animal control, while trying to make cars go around the raccoons, who would not leave the road. Adrian went into full animal whisperer mode, knowing full well that these little guys wouldn’t survive on their own, either getting hit by a car or getting eaten in the woods. He picked one of them up by the scruff of the neck, and walked it over to our car, placing him inside our trunk.

He grabbed the 2nd one, who was not a happy camper, as another man who’d pulled over helped and grabbed the 3rd. After we got them all the car, Adrian made sure they stayed in our trunk area, while Matt, me, and and Sarah all prayed to dear Lord that none of us got bit of attacked. They started spraying every where, which absolutely stunk up our car, but Sarah said she knew of an animal shelter that would take the raccoons in and wouldn’t kill them or anything.


So we went back to their house, grabbed a pet carrier, and Adrian, superhero that he is, grabbed the raccoons, who were so scared (poor little guys!), and with the help of Sarah and Matt, got the little raccoons into the carrier. We drove to the animal shelter, which was closed but had an animal drop-off area, and Sarah filled out some paperwork and we put them into their little kennel. We said goodbye, and hoped to hear back from the animal shelter as to what would happen with our new little friends.

After hanging out at the house, the animal shelter called and thanked us for bringing the raccoons in, saying that they called a wildlife rescue, who would come down to pick them up and nurse them until they were ready to go back out into the wild. We had to deep clean the crap out of our car, but it was worth it to save the lives of the raccoons. So heartbreaking but so glad Adrian was there and somehow knew what to do.

We drove home Saturday night, which ended up being a pretty painful night for me. Fortunately, I had some antibiotics waiting for me at Walgreens on Sunday morning, but those combined with the Vicodin did NOT agree with my stomach. I ended up getting really sick to my stomach twice last night, causing me to burst a blood vessel in my eye, and all around my eyes is now extremely swollen.

Thankfully the pain has gone down a bit as of this morning, however the swelling is a lot worse. I’m brave enough to post a photo of my watermelon face, haha, but yeah, the swelling is not fun at all.

My dentist finally called us back today and told Matt that it sounded like an infection, that the swelling and pain was normal, and that I should just keep taking my antibiotics and it would be okay. That was reassuring to know I wasn’t going to die or something, as I’ve never experienced an infection like this. I’ve had abscessed teeth before, but only when I’d broken a tooth. This time I had no issue with my teeth, but apparently getting an infection near a root canal can happen, even if there’ve been no issues in years. Weird, and it sucks, but I’m just glad the pain is starting to let up a little bit.

So basically, our July 4th weekend ended up being really low-key after Saturday. Matt’s been nothing but wonderful to me, taking care of me, getting me little surprises, and just being an all-around wonderful husband. No fireworks for us, though we’re at least going to make some turkey burgers and zucchini on the grill for dinner.

I’m hoping my pain and swelling goes down soon, as I don’t really want to miss a lot of work or my workouts! I was really starting to enjoy working out and getting into a solid routine, so hopefully I can fight off this infection quickly and go back to normal life. But yeah, I think it’s safe to say I’ve had a really weird weekend.


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