Tooth Infection Strikes Back!

Oh my dear friends, this tooth infection has taken over my life. Two nights ago the pain got even worse, as I laid in bed and the throbbing continued in my tooth… I knew I would not be making it into work yesterday, and a trip to the dentist was in the books.

After waking up, to no pain, as soon as I got up from bed to go to the bathroom my tooth began throbbing again. I laid back down after calling into work and getting an appointment for 3:50… Then woke up at around 10ish to see that the dentist’s office had called and said there was an opening for noon. I made my way over to the office, where my dentist and everyone else there seemed pretty shocked at how much swelling there was in my face.

After taking an x-ray, he was absolutely baffled at how this infection happened, as my root canal looked totally perfect, but then said that he was going to have to refer me to an endodontist. He said they’d either go in and re-treat my root canal, re-do the entire thing, or maybe even decide to take out the whole tooth (but he said he hoped that they could save it).

I got in the car and called Matt crying because I really didn’t want to lose my tooth, and I hadn’t done anything wrong in not taking care of my teeth to get this infection. After composing my swollen-faced blubbering self, I drove to the endodontist’s office. They took more x-rays, looked at them and told me that this is something that just sometimes happens to root canals, even years after you’ve had one. He then told me he’d drill through my crown, re-treat some of the canals and clean them out, then put a permanent filling in the crown once he was done.

It took around 45 minutes or so, and he told me it went wonderfully and that I more than likely wouldn’t have to go back. He told me to just finish my antibiotics, do hot water rinses, and take my prescribed Vicodin whenever the pain bothered me. The bill was a bit much, since I’d already used up a lot of my dental insurance for this year on fillings (and definitely did NOT see this happening to me), but it was something I needed to get done, so we will have to deal. Infections in your teeth/jaw/gums are not something you want to put off, because of how close it is to your brain and other vital organs. Sorry, I don’t feel like dying from an infection, not today.

I’m still remarkably swollen, and so I’m working from home today. I’ll probably have to go into work on Thursday and Friday, which won’t be a lot of fun because I highly doubt this swelling will have gone down much unfortunately…

In turn, this has definitely messed around with my eating. Sunday I basically threw up everything I ate twice. Monday I ate a bit more, and probably not as healthy but it being the 4th, I didn’t feel too awful having a cider and a brownie. Yesterday I literally had a banana and a pudding cup for breakfast (even those were difficult to eat), then after my appointment I had half of a sandwich, a cookie and some potato salad. While it’s been a weird day of food, your diet tends to get thrown to the side when you’re dealing with teeth issues. Dinner was a little more potato salad and a Healthy Choice soup. Not ideal, but it’s what works for me right now and my tooth situation.

I can’t even say how much I’m looking forward to getting back to eating my normal foods, back to my workout routine, and feeling 100% better again. This whole tooth ordeal has taken so much out of me physically, between the pain, the meds, the swelling, and lack of choices of food.. I am looking forward so much to just getting back to normal life, to have a normal and fun weekend again, to being the happy and funny and healthy me.

It’s amazing how one little tooth, one little bone in your body, can have such a negative impact on your health and your life. I’m just looking forward to when this is all over and I can get back to my life. As much as I love playing Ticket to Ride on my iPad (I’m a wee bit addicted), getting back to contributing to society will be extremely nice.



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2 responses to “Tooth Infection Strikes Back!

  1. Meg

    I hope you feel better soon! That sounds awful.

  2. Speev

    Ohhh Dani =( This sounds absolutely miserable! Good for you for trying to keep positive and knowing it will pass, though!

    Sending you get-well wishes!!!

    PS: LOVEEE the new layout! =)

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