Are you there, Inspiration? It’s me, Danielle

Man, I’ve been lacking some serious inspiration as of late when it comes to my writing and some other stuff. I think it might have to do with the fact that work’s been more stressful as of late… But not in a bad way! My job has me writing a LOT more than I did before, so it’s almost like all of my creative writing energy has been going into writing for work vs. writing for pleasure… So in turn, my poor blog’s been neglected.

It’s also hard when you go from having a private/friends-only blog where you can write about anything and everything, and not really have to worry about everything you say. Even that, though, became more and more neglected. And maybe that’s in turn because my life doesn’t even seem that interesting! Not being interesting doesn’t mean that I’m not happy, because really, I am. But they say drama always makes the best writing, and unfortunately there’s not a ton of drama going on in my life right now that I can actively write about.

I know I set out to make this all about my weight loss and getting healthy… And I’ve continued that. But I find myself not making anything new when it comes to recipes as of late, sticking with easy salads and wraps.. Cooking in the summer really isn’t much fun; I find myself doing that a lot more than the weather is rainy and we’re stuck inside… I’m actually kind of looking forward to the fall and winter because of this. I love the summer, I love seeing the sun and being outside and wearing shorts… but I also adore the fall and winter and how cozy our house gets.

So yes, I’m sorry. I’ve said it multiple times on my blog but I really am. I wish I could say I have tons of things to talk about on here, to tell you about.. but I don’t! There are a few topics I know I want to get into regarding weight loss, getting healthy, and some of the interesting observations I’ve made.. PLUS I actually have plans to have a guest blog post from the one and only Matt, but even he’s fallen behind on that.

I need to figure out how to get around this sudden road block with my writing. I’m struggling with what I want this blog to be, where I want it to go, and in turn I’ve kind of turned my back on my writing. It’s hard finding this weird balance of not saying too much or blabbing too much about my personal life, to the point that I bore people or someone finds this and it turns into a nightmare (not that I say anything inappropriate, but you know!).. but also not saying enough, like I definitely have been recently.

I should probably sit down sometime this week and really determine what I want from this whole thing. Is it to just talk about losing weight, or food, or exercising or just LIFE in general? I honestly have no idea, and that’s becoming a problem… It overwhelms me when I think about it, like an extra chore on top of all the other things I have on my plate with work and other stuff. Some nights I don’t want to write, after a long work day, and would rather sit around and relax while playing a game on my iPad. Other nights, writing is what I want to do, but I lack something to write about.

I never really imagined that this blog would end up being such a tough thing for me… in terms of writing or not having enough to say. Those who know me know that I love to talk, I love to tell stories… but when it comes to this blog, I just lack inspiration and direction.

Matt and I are planning a weekend spent up at the family cabin, where there is no internet, where we relax by a fire, let our doggies run around by a river, where we talk and watch movies and sometimes make road trips to the small Bavarian town of Leavenworth… I think it is there that I will sit my butt down and force myself to draw up a plan for this blog and my writing. I’m tired of having excuses, tired of feeling guilty that I haven’t updated… But I absolutely refuse to stop writing, and I am beginning to think I might want to delve into the hard topics of weight loss and getting healthy. Maybe that will drive some people away, maybe that will draw more people in.

I don’t really know, but I’ve gotta find a balance, I’ve gotta make a plan… and I need to find the inspiration that I need and that I’m looking for right now.



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4 responses to “Are you there, Inspiration? It’s me, Danielle

  1. It sounds like your real-life obligations are piling up high enough that your blogging feels less like a hobby and more like just another thing you have to keep on top of. Why does it need such a concrete direction? Does it have to be so regimented? Is it worth the risk of burnout because it feels like a chore? I’m not calling you out or being rude. I only ask because I’ve also totally been through this. Sometimes I have a ton to blog about and other times it feels like a crappy second job to keep up with. So I started thinking a lot about WHO the blog is for. And really, it’s just for me. Maybe John. And sometimes folks who want recommendations on things (recipes, travel, restaurants, etc.) I was WAY too obsessed with being the next Smitten Kitchen or Pioneer Woman. And then I slowly accepted that everyone and their mother has a food/recipe blog. I will never have a million followers, or 500, or even 100. And that’s ok. It sucks because being a famous blogger seems so amazing. But it’s unrealistic to think of myself in that realm. I like to blog frequently enough for it and my content to stay relevant and to keep track of life. But aside from that, I have low expectations. I hope that makes sense.

    • No it makes total sense! I think you kind of go into this with this expectation of, “Well, maybe this could turn into something big!” And who knows, maybe it will, but 99.99999% it won’t. And so with that, I think I came to that realization but also realized, there are definitely friends who follow this and find it interesting enough to comment on it.. and I like that. It’s reconnected me with people who I haven’t spoken with in years, and also made me realize more people care about me than I initially thought.

      That being said, I think I’ve been putting too much pressure on myself to not let anyone down by not posting… but at the same time, there have been days (especially as of late) where other obligations that are honestly more important have burnt me out to the point that when I do finally get a moment to sit down, I don’t want to. I’d much rather do something that doesn’t require me to think for 10 minutes.

      It’s weird because maybe I’m starting to realize that I’m too busy living my life, being more active, spending more time away from the computer, to worry about it. But I also love writing, a lot, and want to continue to write in here.. I guess I just don’t want people to forget about it, or forget about me. I’m sure that sounds stupid, but I like getting my voice out there, and letting people hear me, even if it’s all of 10-20 people total who actually read this blog.

      Anyway, thanks for reminding me of this.. why I write here, in the end, it really is for myself. It’s for me to get my thoughts out there, to be able to look back at where I was… and actually, when it comes to weight loss/getting healthier, if I ever decided to one day sit down and write a book about it, I have this blog for some extra help (which is why I think it would be interesting/beneficial to sometimes talk about the hard stuff)..

      There’s also something about keeping myself accountable for my actions, to not let down people, and in turn not let down myself, that I think I connect between not letting people down by not blogging, and not letting people down when it comes to losing weight. You’ve reminded me that this is for me, and not to worry so much about others. So thank you. 🙂

      • No, it’s totally important when you’re going through a life change to feel heard and supported. That’s why I love your blog actually! There’s so much support here! All I meant to say was blogging, for me, is easy to overextend myself on – letting my inner self tell me I Should be writing more, being funnier, more interesting, etc. But I don’t want to burn out on my blog. It should be fun and creative, not a chore. I think you’re doing an awesome job, don’t worry about letting others down over yourself.

  2. Amy

    I’m listening! I love your blog and I know I don’t comment a lot, or get to read it right away; but I think it’s awesome! Keep it up and do it for you!

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