My face shrunk!

So I lost another 3.4 pounds last week, putting me at 45 pounds, and 5 shy of the big 5-0. While I’ve been trying to not focus entirely on weight, I have finally started to actually see that I’ve lost weight. I mean, my clothes have definitely started to fit much looser (especially my argyle sweaters I can no longer wear, along with my work slacks that almost fell down this morning as I ran for a bus, yeah that would’ve been a sight), but last night I finally noticed that my face has gotten skinnier since last January. I thought it might be fun to post a comparison photo of me on my honeymoon vs. now (and cut me some slack, I took this photo last night right before bed, so my hair is a little bit fro-ish).


Kind of crazy, no? I mean it’s nothing epic but I am definitely starting to have less of a double chin, and my cheeks are waaaay less chubby. I’m actually pretty excited about this revelation, as I realized in also comparing myself back to a photo in 2008, this is the lightest I’ve been in awhile. Definitely a motivator to keep me going on my journey, and I really can’t wait until I’ve lost enough to feel comfortable posting full-body photos. While it’s definitely started to show, I’ll save those for later when I can really show off the difference. 🙂



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4 responses to “My face shrunk!

  1. Amy

    So proud of you! You inspire me! 🙂

  2. Lindsay Reagan

    Those moments when you realize your pants fit different, you go down a size (or back to normal size), and your friends say oh wow, you do look a little thinner ARE THE BEST. They are pretty much the only motivation I have to get back in shape and even my mom (who gave me some crap after gaining a few (or 20) last year) noticed the small difference. No matter how many cute boys work at the front desk of the gym, my motivation will always be those who notice. Keep up the good work, you look gr8!

  3. Speev

    looking amaaaazing girl! keep it up =)

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