It’s Friday!… Or is it?

I’m totally having one of those Fridays after an extremely long week that has decided to be more difficult than it should be. Normally my Fridays are a little easier to deal with, people are less tense and needy, and you can kind of sit back and be excited for the weekend. Today is not one of those Fridays.

Woke up this morning, stepped on the scale, then promptly stepped off. We’re getting a new scale that should actually be in today, because our old one has been really wonky lately. Sometimes you step on and it won’t even turn on, other times we’ve stepped on and magically lost 100 pounds over night (ohhhh how I wish it was that easy!)… Recently it hasn’t been re-calibrating itself like it normally does, so enough was enough and I decided we needed a new scale. After doing a little searching on Amazon, I found this one that has excellent reviews. Hopefully it’s a bit more accurate and um, not broken, like the one we’ve had. To be fair though, our current one has lasted us many many years so I guess I can’t complain. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a good weigh-in with the new scale.

Work-wise, today’s been one of those days where my writing is just… well, it’s been a process. I love writing, I really do, but sometimes it’s pretty difficult when it’s hitting a lot of walls and getting lots of makeovers, or minds change about the message, or it needs to be shortened. This is why I love my blog; I have the ability and freedom to write about whatever and whenever I want to. So yes, I’m taking a minor break from my current writing, because sometimes you need to focus on the fun stuff, then go back to the tough stuff.

Enough about my boring writing problems… Workouts this week were great. I pushed myself on both weight training and cardio and felt great. Sore muscles? Yes, but that really awesome kind of sore that makes you feel like you got a great workout in. Yesterday I planned for a quick cardio workout due to being short on time, and I was happy to be able to take it a little easier on the elliptical… As soon as I stepped on the elliptical though, I zoomed away and I guess kind of.. forgot that my plan was to take it easy. I think once I get in the gym with my music it’s like this zone of just saying, “No, you’ve gotta push yourself.” I’m glad my body and my mind does this because I felt good leaving the gym, versus slacking off like I’d originally planned.

Plans for the weekend include the usual shopping trips, breakfast, fun meal, and lots of relaxing/fun. We might even go check out a movie; I’d personally like to see Crazy, Stupid, Love. But we’ll see! Cabin trip next weekend, which I’m always excited for.

OH! I also meant to mention, in my video game nerdiness, that yesterday I totally won a DeathSpank t-shirt playing their Trivia Thursday game. DeathSpank is one of my all-time favorite video games, mainly because it’s fun and absolutely hilarious. If you’re looking for something a little Diablo-esque but also remarkably funny, you should play this game. DeathSpank will be your new best friend.

Last thing I’m plugging, I swear (but it’s also something awesome that benefits people!)… I’ve been using a new music service that’s called Spotify. It is AMAZING. You can access any album, in full! There is a free version, but it has limitations. Matt and I decided to was worth it to just pay $10 a month for it, because it also enables us to listen to the music on our iPhone, and you can actually have offline playlists (so if you have no reception or whatever, you can make your music available to access anywhere in the world.) I have some invites hanging around (because the service is invite-only right now, ooh la la), so if any of you readers are interested let me know, I’d be more than happy to send you an invite so you can play around with the best music service ever. And yes, I will admit it, I was jamming out to Michael Jackson last night on my iPad.

Happy weekend everyone. Feel free to spill the beans on what’s going on in your neck of the woods; I thoroughly enjoy hearing what other friends are up to.


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One response to “It’s Friday!… Or is it?

  1. Spotify is so amazing. I literally was just telling John how much I love it. I’ve listened to more music, old and new, in the past day than I have in a long time. Which is good for me, really good for me.

    As for this weekend Mama Serpico is in town so we’re playing tourists and going on the swan boats and having dinner in the North End tomorrow.

    I wanted to start packing like crazy once she left (I’ve literally been holding off so that our apartment is liveable for her) but I’m feeling a little disgusted about our home situation right now (our mortgage agent is being a tool a dropped a big bomb on us today about paperwork we need to find ASAP, which is going to make it awfully hard to close on 8/11 as scheduled) so I’ve lost my motivation on that a little bit. BLERG!

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