It’s Friday and I’m happy!

After my last few posts having been kind of Debbie Downers, I thought it might be kind of fun to celebrate that fact that this week, I am feeling GOOD about myself. A few days ago, I came home to find the clothes from Old Navy I ordered had been delivered. They were a size down from what I normally wear, and I figured if I ordered them now I could maybe wear them in a month or something.

I figured I’d try on my new Bermuda shorts, which seemed to fit quite well. I’m probably around a size down in pants from where I originally was at my highest weight. I can now fit into all of my old-ish jeans which is exciting, and my work pants are actually really loose!

But what was most exciting was putting on a cardigan with a lace-trim tank top and having those fit. The tops weren’t something I expected to fit in right now, as they are a size down from where I’ve been for a long time. A lot of my weight has come off around my upper torso, but I had no clue I’d lose enough to wear new tops.

This really was exactly what I needed. To actually see myself in new clothes, in smaller sizes, it was a really awesome feeling.

My manager at work actually commented on it, saying she could see how much weight I’ve lost when I wore my cardigan and new shirt. It feels so good when people who you see daily actually notice.

ALSO! This morning I thought it might be kind of fun to try on this rain jacket I bought when I was at my highest weight. It used to be tight around my hips where I went to zip it up. Now? It’s so loose! THESE are the kinds of things I really want to focus on; feeling good in my clothes and any new clothes that I’m able to buy! So much better than staring at numbers all day.

SO! My goal is by fall, I want to fit into my North Face jacket again. I am definitely able to at least zip it up right now (which is awesome considering I couldn’t before!), but I want it to be a little less tight. These are the kinds of goals I want to set for myself. To fit into certain items, or to be able to leg press higher weights, to not be winded going up the stairs at the train station… I’m definitely starting to see some of those goals be completed.

On that note, happy Friday! 🙂


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