It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

Hi friends. I took a big ol’ step back from the blogging and decided to start spending my time on other stuff. Work became really intense, and other things have started to take up my time. But good things (at least I think so)! Between my workouts, making healthy dinners, and trying to enjoy what’s left of my free time every night after I commute home from work and make dinner, there hasn’t been a great amount of time for me to dedicate towards blogging.

It’s hard, too, when the weight loss starts to slow down, you start to generally eat the same foods most days, and you in turn just don’t have the time you had before to write about recipes or foods or anything. It’s kind of sad, but I think it’s also a good thing that eating healthy and doing workouts has literally become such a normal part of my life that I don’t even know what to say about it anymore.

I think the other part is, I’m not losing these huge amounts anymore week by week, nor am I weighing myself every week right now… So while I am definitely doing well and am enjoying the weight loss, it’s sometimes something I literally just forget about. Plus with the massive plateau I hit, I got frustrated and honestly didn’t want to talk about it on here. I wanted to keep my head down and keep eating healthy and exercising and not stress out about it.

This past week I tried eating extra calories on days I worked out. I’d read that adding calories and making sure to eat your exercise calories can sometimes help. Evidently something worked as I finally got to a new low, which has been weeks in the waiting. This weekend we were at PAX, and therefore didn’t eat extremely healthy while actually there (but ate healthy outside of it!), but I’m back to the norm this morning. It helped that we were on our feet for around 4-6 hours every day, walking around the expo hall and downtown Seattle, but now I’m body is so so sore I need to take a day off today from working out. I’ll be back at the gym tomorrow, because I’m afraid if I go today I’m going to legitimately pull a muscle or make things worse. I kind of feel like a stiff zombie when I get up to walk, haha.

Anyway, we’ll see what the next few weeks bring with weight loss. I’d really really like to get past the 50 pound weight loss mark, but again we’ll see. I’ve been receiving more and more compliments on my weight loss though from lots of people and that really has been awesome. Makes me feel good about myself and proud that I’m doing this! Still so much more of a journey to go, but I’m doing this the best way possible that will allow me to actually maintain my weight loss as a whole versus gaining back all of the weight I’m losing. I think by doing it this way, and going through an (honestly at times tough) journey, once I reach my goal I will remember the road that led me to that loss and remember how difficult it could be to lose weight, thus sticking with the right choices when it comes to food.

I hope to have more time to post, I really do. I had wanted to talk about PAX from this weekend, and I probably will, but I need some time to absorb the whole weekend. It was exhausting but fun and made me realize how much more social I’ve become with strangers, haha. It also made me realize how cool I look in a purple Dance Central 2 scarf with blinking glasses… Throwing up my best Zoolander.


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