Danielle’s Featured Meal o’ the Day!

YAY for blogging 2 days in a row! I’m pretty proud of myself for this, considering I was on such a long hiatus. I’m feeling much better about myself and things in general after yesterday’s post. Sometimes just being honest in the general public where ANYONE can read it is kind of a liberating feeling. Like, there’s no denying that everything ISN’T perfect in my life. That I am facing challenges with my choice to live a healthier lifestyle. I like being honest and putting my feelings out there, because it makes it seem more real and legitimate and I don’t hold these feelings in! It’s pretty therapeutic; maybe that’s what this blog is all about. My own little therapy at times. I am kind of happy about that though, because I got some amazing responses about yesterday’s post that truly made me feel like I am not alone in this. I’m not alone in being hard on myself. To have that support and to have others’ dealing with the same problems is something that is just comforting. It’s hard to see other strong females being so hard on themselves, especially people you know are wonderful. I guess I should remind myself that I myself am one of those females, so turning things around and really beginning to appreciate myself and my body is a great great thing. So thank you to a few of you that reached out; I found your words beyond comforting, even though it’s not necessarily a great place to be, maybe we can help each other start to appreciate ourselves and our bodies.

Okay, onto my actual topic for today. I thought it might be kind of fun to every once in awhile have a featured meal of the day. Now, some of these meals will be homemade, and with that I hope I can offer photos/recipes again. I’ve found a great turkey burger recipe that’s easy as heck and tastes more like a real burger. Some of these meals are totally not homemade, but include some of my favorite lower-calorie items that can make for a pretty decent lunch.

Today’s meal o’ the day is my grilled ham and cheese sandwich, Progresso Light Chicken Noodle Soup, and a little Nestle crunch bar for dessert! Grand total of everything? 425 calories. It’s such a filling lunch!

Progresso Light Chicken Noodle Soup is the bombdotcom. The only down side to it is of course the sodium, as it seems to be the same problem for most soups. On the plus side, an entire can of this is 140 calories, and it is a huge bowl of soup! They give you lots of noodles and chicken and veggies, and I always seem to be quite full after eating it with my sandwich. I scored a bunch of cans of soup on sale 8/$10, so I tend to bring this in to work when I’m trying save some money instead of spending it on something downstairs.

My ham and cheese sandwich is delightful. I use the Sara Lee Delightful Multigrain bread. It has 45 calories per slice and is really tasty. 90 calories and 5g of fiber for 2 slices, 60 calories of black forest ham from the deli, 45 calories for a slice of 2% sharp cheddar cheese, and around 30 calories for the light Olive Oil Mayo that I enjoy and put just under a tbsp on my sandwich. The sandwich is filling but not huge, and ends up being 225 calories. We have a panini maker at work so I always heat it up on there because most sandwiches seem to taste amazing when they’re all toasted up!

Of course, my delightful Nestle Crunch by is 60 calories and is the perfect little dessert for when I’m in need of chocolate. It takes some serious willpower not to grab more but I just keep them out of sight and out of mind, even though I SWEAR I sometimes can hear the chocolates yelling at me from our work kitchen, “DANIELLE! COME EAT ME!”

When all said and done, it’s 425 calories and quite filling, it’s one of my favorite lunches. Sometimes I’ll switch out the soup for a steamed veggie bag, which are pretty delightful. I realize I could go for some more natural stuff, but sometimes that isn’t necessarily easy when you are in a rush and need something quick for work. It’s just an easier meal to throw together when I’m on the run and don’t have much time the night before to make anything. I’m trying to get better about making large amounts of soups or chili on the weekend to eat for lunch throughout the week, but that kind of fell apart in the summer when I didn’t want to make ANYTHING in the heat. Now I have nothing holding me back, so my crockpot will start to get way more use!

Keep your eyes peeled for more meals o’ the day. It’s always fun to have a mix of things you can make at home and also things for on the go! Oh, and to make up for my lack of veggies at lunch, tonight’s dinner will be accompanied by steamed cauliflower (MY FAVORITE!). I also had a banana with breakfast, as I always try to make an effort to get my fruits and veggies all throughout the day!



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