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PAX 2011: Bastion, Fortune and Glory, and The Behemoth!

This post? This is where you see me nerd out. And I mean REALLY nerd out (but dammit, there isn’t anything wrong with it). So if you don’t care about board games or video games or me geeking about said things, you should probably skip this post because it’ll: A. Bore you to death and B. You’re going to find that I’m a total dork and probably just think I’m a total goober.

Anyway, remember how I told you guys I went to my nerd game convention? I totally forgot in addition to ya know, going, I’d actually make a post about it. Overall, we had a ton of fun. We walked a LOT because we’re on our feet the whole while there, so comfy sneakers were a must and I’m glad I wore them.


First thing you need to understand about PAX is how it’s basically a huge convention for people to hear and see the creators from their favorite games, get to preview and play games that aren’t released yet, see people’s awesome (and sometimes ridiculous) costumes, play board games and decide whether it’s something you like enough to buy, and honestly just have fun. I like PAX for this reason; it’s an environment where you can be yourself, not worry about what you’re wearing as being too nerdy (because you’re surrounded by many other nerds who will often comment on how awesome your Three Moon  Keyboard Cat t-shirt is). Oh and you might even see R2D2 and C3PO like we did. 🙂

Being that Matt and I are both total video game nerds and board game lovers, it only makes sense that we make our way to the convention. We have a lot of fun together, as we get to experience things that we both love or are excited for together.

We were able to see a lot of games that are coming out in the near future. I was able to play Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Starfox 64, Kid Icarus, Rhythm Heaven (for the Wii), both Kirby (Wii and DS) games, and Matt got to play the new Zelda for the Wii. All games were a blast and made me pretty excited for all of the great things coming out for the 3DS. I also got to play Gears of War 3, which made me realize that I miiiiight be a big fan of first person shooters. Me? Shooting crazy monsters? Yeah, I can’t deny that I enjoyed the crap out of it. Oh and I got to make a fool of myself on stage dancing to Daft Punk’s “Technologic” via Dance Central 2. It was not a pretty sight, I don’t doubt that one bit.

I think my favorite moment though had to be playing Assassin’s Creed: Revelations multi-player against 5 other people also standing nearby. While I’ve never given the single-player a try, I am in LOVE with the multi-player. There’s such strategy in hunting down your target, while trying to blend in with the crowds… It’s fun. Anyway, they came out with a re-vamped multi-player for the new game that’s coming out in November, and I totally came in first in my group. I totally beat the guys and dammit, I was proud.

It kind of made me think about why I love playing multi-player online games so much.. I think being a female gamer and beating a male at a game is pretty empowering and just all-around fun. I like it even more when you’ve got some asshole who is talking crap about other people playing the game, and you can rub it in their face that yes, they were just beat by a woman. I can’t even begin to tell you how hilarious some of the reactions you get are. I think female gamers are becoming more and more accepted as time goes on, but there’s still a definite feeling of video games are for BOYS and that kind of crap. Not true, and I’ll continue to play when I can.

Anyway, another fun part of PAX is all of the ridiculous amount of free stuff you get. I think I walked out of there with around 5 free t-shirts, a scarf, blinky glasses, tons of pins, free game codes, beta invites, bandanas, etc. Some people go to collect tons of free stuff, I just kind of get it as we go. The only items we actively waited in line for that were free were these awesome t-shirts for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. They only gave away 500 of each, so they’re very rare limited run t-shirts. What’s funny is while waiting, we actually made friends with the guy in front of us. This is what I love about PAX; you feel comfortable enough to just start talking to whoever is next to you and 95% of the time they’re super friendly.

We also bought a lot of fun stuff, including the best t-shirts and cutest Pink Knight figure by The Behemoth, the Bastion soundtrack (we got to meet the whole Supergiant Games team who developed that game which was AWESOME!), Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries, Ascension, Rune Age, and the COOLEST board game ever, Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game.

Fortune and Glory is like this epic Indiana Jones-esque board game that is an absolute blast. You even get to fight Nazi enemies as Sharon Hunter, a daring photographer, or jump on a zeppelin and try to steal fortune coins from Nazis, or go after an artifact called “The Skull of Medusa.” I thought it’d be too complicated for me and that I wouldn’t like it but um, no. It rules. I’m in love with it, and I totally feel like a bad ass when I go after an artifact called, “The Skull of Medusa” and get past the evil traps and other crazy items you face on your expedition.

So yes, you could say we had an absolute blast this year at PAX. We walked, we demo’ed, we played, we bought, we conquered… and I cannot wait until next year when I get to nerd out all over again.



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