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Danielle’s Featured Meal o’ the Day!

YAY for blogging 2 days in a row! I’m pretty proud of myself for this, considering I was on such a long hiatus. I’m feeling much better about myself and things in general after yesterday’s post. Sometimes just being honest in the general public where ANYONE can read it is kind of a liberating feeling. Like, there’s no denying that everything ISN’T perfect in my life. That I am facing challenges with my choice to live a healthier lifestyle. I like being honest and putting my feelings out there, because it makes it seem more real and legitimate and I don’t hold these feelings in! It’s pretty therapeutic; maybe that’s what this blog is all about. My own little therapy at times. I am kind of happy about that though, because I got some amazing responses about yesterday’s post that truly made me feel like I am not alone in this. I’m not alone in being hard on myself. To have that support and to have others’ dealing with the same problems is something that is just comforting. It’s hard to see other strong females being so hard on themselves, especially people you know are wonderful. I guess I should remind myself that I myself am one of those females, so turning things around and really beginning to appreciate myself and my body is a great great thing. So thank you to a few of you that reached out; I found your words beyond comforting, even though it’s not necessarily a great place to be, maybe we can help each other start to appreciate ourselves and our bodies.

Okay, onto my actual topic for today. I thought it might be kind of fun to every once in awhile have a featured meal of the day. Now, some of these meals will be homemade, and with that I hope I can offer photos/recipes again. I’ve found a great turkey burger recipe that’s easy as heck and tastes more like a real burger. Some of these meals are totally not homemade, but include some of my favorite lower-calorie items that can make for a pretty decent lunch.

Today’s meal o’ the day is my grilled ham and cheese sandwich, Progresso Light Chicken Noodle Soup, and a little Nestle crunch bar for dessert! Grand total of everything? 425 calories. It’s such a filling lunch!

Progresso Light Chicken Noodle Soup is the bombdotcom. The only down side to it is of course the sodium, as it seems to be the same problem for most soups. On the plus side, an entire can of this is 140 calories, and it is a huge bowl of soup! They give you lots of noodles and chicken and veggies, and I always seem to be quite full after eating it with my sandwich. I scored a bunch of cans of soup on sale 8/$10, so I tend to bring this in to work when I’m trying save some money instead of spending it on something downstairs.

My ham and cheese sandwich is delightful. I use the Sara Lee Delightful Multigrain bread. It has 45 calories per slice and is really tasty. 90 calories and 5g of fiber for 2 slices, 60 calories of black forest ham from the deli, 45 calories for a slice of 2% sharp cheddar cheese, and around 30 calories for the light Olive Oil Mayo that I enjoy and put just under a tbsp on my sandwich. The sandwich is filling but not huge, and ends up being 225 calories. We have a panini maker at work so I always heat it up on there because most sandwiches seem to taste amazing when they’re all toasted up!

Of course, my delightful Nestle Crunch by is 60 calories and is the perfect little dessert for when I’m in need of chocolate. It takes some serious willpower not to grab more but I just keep them out of sight and out of mind, even though I SWEAR I sometimes can hear the chocolates yelling at me from our work kitchen, “DANIELLE! COME EAT ME!”

When all said and done, it’s 425 calories and quite filling, it’s one of my favorite lunches. Sometimes I’ll switch out the soup for a steamed veggie bag, which are pretty delightful. I realize I could go for some more natural stuff, but sometimes that isn’t necessarily easy when you are in a rush and need something quick for work. It’s just an easier meal to throw together when I’m on the run and don’t have much time the night before to make anything. I’m trying to get better about making large amounts of soups or chili on the weekend to eat for lunch throughout the week, but that kind of fell apart in the summer when I didn’t want to make ANYTHING in the heat. Now I have nothing holding me back, so my crockpot will start to get way more use!

Keep your eyes peeled for more meals o’ the day. It’s always fun to have a mix of things you can make at home and also things for on the go! Oh, and to make up for my lack of veggies at lunch, tonight’s dinner will be accompanied by steamed cauliflower (MY FAVORITE!). I also had a banana with breakfast, as I always try to make an effort to get my fruits and veggies all throughout the day!



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What am I eating? Snack Edition

When I last discussed what I was eating, I’d left off with discussing lunch. I’ve pretty much stuck to the same routine, though since my company I work for moved buildings, I now have tons more food options and have found some great healthy places to eat when I haven’t packed lunch (shocking, I know).

Anyway! I wanted to write a bit about snacks, because these are what really get me through my day, especially to avoid letting my blood sugar get too low between lunch and dinner. I often also have a snack after dinner if I have extra calories to burn, though not too late at night.

I’ve gotta say one of my absolute faaaavorite snacks is Pretzel Crisps and The Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedges. Guys, these little cheese wedges are each only 35 calories and are delicious! The pretzel crisps are 10 calories each, but are essentially big crackers. I usually eat 6 crisps with a wedge of cheese for 95 calories. It’s a great little snack, the cheese throws in a little protein, and it’s absolutely delicious. I’m sure you could add other delightful things to your crisp, but for a quick snack either on the go or when you’re lazy, this is a goodie. Oh, and we buy the cheese at Costco, which saves a ton of money. Normally at QFC they’re around 4.50 per pack of cheese wedges. At Costco, you get 4 packs of cheese wedge for 8 bucks! That’s a pretty massive savings. The downside to Costco is you only get the original flavor (creamy Swiss), but I love that so much I don’t care. The Garlic Herb though is really tasty.

A really simple one? Fruit! It’s got plenty of fiber and can fill you up for way fewer calories. My personal favorites are pears and peaches. I tend to eat these in between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner. Gotta fit in those fruits and veggies throughout your day and this is a really simple way to do it.

I am a pretty big fan of eating my Fage nonfat plain Greek yogurt (which we buy in 32oz. tubs at Costco) with honey for breakfast, but a half cup with a little honey can be a great mid-afternoon snack, too. One cup of this amazing yogurt is 130 calories, and has 21g of protein! Do a half cup with around 3/4 tbsp of honey, and you’ve got yourself a protein-packed and delicious snack for 110 calories total.

(not my photo, found on Google images)

When I’m really stretched for time or am at work and didn’t have time to prepare snacks, I always bring a FiberOne bar with me. They’re tasty (peanut butter and chocolate always wins), have great serving of fiber, and are 130 calories per bar, leaving you pretty full and happy. I also LOVE Vitamuffin/VitaTops. They come in tons of flavors, though I’ve only tried the Deep Chocolate. They have a ridiculous amount of fiber in them, taste amazing and are only 100 calories a piece. I usually get the FiberOne bars at Costco in bulk (and for crazy cheap), and the VitaTops I’ve only seen at my local Target. The downside to the VitaTops are they they’re a little pricey (just over 4 bucks per box, with 4 tops in each box), but I swear they’re worth at least trying (the chocolate ones anyway, I’ve heard the corn and berry are okay.)

Basically, there are tons of options for snacks, you just need to be smart about what you choose. I try to tend to stick with items that are high in fiber and protein, as I know I’m getting more bang for my buck with these foods, as they’ll keep me fuller for longer. I also really appreciate Costco and being able to pick up certain items in bulk, most specifically snack items.

I would love to hear about any snacks you guys are eating, including the calories, protein, etc. I am very open to adding in more of a variety to my snack routine (though it’s hard to give up the Laughing Cow cheese wedges; they’re too good and so low-cal!)


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Recipe Corner: Quick and Easy Buffalo Chicken Wrap

(I know this photo has romaine lettuce in it, which you can totally use, but I prefer using a cabbage/slaw mix, listed in the ingredients below).

So buffalo chicken wraps are one of those things that I love. I love the heat from the sauce, the creamy blue cheese, the cheddar cheese mixed in… But man, they can be so high calorie between the blue cheese dressing and the cheddar cheese.

I really didn’t want to give up my buffalo chicken and came up with a really quick, easy, delicious, filling and low-calorie wrap that you can have for dinner or lunch and be pretty pumped that it came under 300 calories.

Ingredients (serves one)

1 La Tortilla Factory High Fiber Low-carb Tortilla (80 calories, get ’em as Costco in packs of 20, use them for everything!)
1 serving of grilled chicken strips (I buy these at the grocery store in bags, though you could definitely cook your own chicken for this, if used from the bag they’re 100 calories per serving)
Frank’s Buffalo sauce (Zero calories and awesome! I don’t measure how much I put in the bowl with the chicken, usually keep an eye on it and put in enough to coat the chicken, but feel free to put in as much or as little as your heart desires.)
2 tbsp of Marie’s Lite Chunky Bleu Cheese dressing (BEST. THING. EVER. 70 calories for 2 tbsp of bleu cheese dressing that you would never know is light/lower-calorie. You can find this in the salad section of the grocery store, with all the refrigerated dressings)
Fresh cole slaw (Again, not the creamy stuff, but the cabbage/carrot mix, also found in the salad section. I put on a lot because I love how the bleu cheese and slaw taste together, but again put on as much or as little as you want!)
1/4 cup of Kraft fat free shredded cheddar cheese (45 calories, and adds a nice cheesy flavor to your wrap. You can skip this if you want, but I enjoy a little cheese on my wrap!)

1. Mix the chicken and buffalo sauce together in a bowl, or a bag if you choose. I use a bowl to do this, then put it on the tortilla once it’s nice and coated!

2. Put the cole slaw in the bowl, and put the 2 tbsp of bleu cheese dressing in with it. Mix this up real good, getting the bleu cheese all mixed with the slaw, then put it on top of the chicken.

3. Put your shredded cheese on top. Fold it up and EAT.

I told you it was quick and easy. This is one of my absolutely favorite go-to meals when I want something low-cal and tasty and filling. Between the tortilla, the chicken, and the cabbage, you will be totally full after eating this and happy it was under 300 cals. Matt is also a huge fan, so it’s a great easy recipe to have between the both of us.

This comes in at 295 calories, 36g of protein, and 12g of fiber. Pretty awesome little meal full of great protein, fiber and it’s extremely filling! Enjoy. 🙂


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7 Tips on Grocery Shopping and Eating

So I was reading one of my favorite blogs today, Better in Real Life, and came across today’s post about grocery store trips and food and how it can be super difficult to not waste food, etc. As I began writing my comment in response to Lauren seeking a little advice on this topic, I realized this would totally make for a (hopefully) interesting blog post about how Matt and I operate now with food and trips to the grocery store, etc. and some tips I think are worth reading.

Prior to the start of our eating healthy, I LOATHED grocery shopping and often got sick of eating similar foods all the time. This led to maybe going to Fred Meyer every few weeks to stock up on food that we knew wouldn’t spoil within a few days or even a few weeks, aaand basically that meant I wasn’t consuming fresh produce of any sort. My diet consisted of mostly boxed stuff with a serious lack of fruits and vegetables.

1. Make more trips to the grocery store. Everything changed when I decided to get healthy and also when we bought our house. We realized that we lived less than a quarter mile from a QFC. It’s on both of our ways home from work, but I usually get home before Matt does, so if we decide we want to do a protein and steamed veggies for dinner, I’ll stop and pick up a back of frozen veggies that steam in the bag, or whatever we basically need for that night’s meal. If we don’t feel like cooking, instead of going through a drive-thru, I’ll stop at QFC and pick up a rotisserie chicken and veggies… Or even just cooked chicken breast strips. With this, we can make a healthy buffalo chicken wrap, or a salad, or just eat the chicken (without the skin) with some steamed veggies.

2. Go places you didn’t go normally in the past, like farmer’s markets. We went from going to the grocery store like, once every few weeks to at least 4-5 times a week. We only buy enough fresh produce, etc. to last us a few days. We noticed when we stock up on too much stuff, it goes to waste/we forget we even bought it. I’ve also made more of an effort to go to more farmer’s markets and that type of stuff for fresh produce, as for some reason it makes me actually really want to eat what I bought.

3. Costco and other wholesale warehouses are your friend. The other place we go to once a week is Costco. Now, this definitely changed based on moving from an apartment to a house and having actual SPACE for stuff, but food-wise I’d say we buy a few items there and then are set for awhile. Fage plain nonfat greek yogurt, chicken breast, Mahi Mahi, La Tortilla Factory tortillas, and a few other things have become are staples in our diet/what we always pick up at Costco. OH and the chicken noodle soup they make there is amazing and will get eaten very quickly, providing a super easy and quick meal for a few days straight.

4. Try to eat the same stuff as your partner for dinner. Prior to us eating healthier, we ate TOTALLY different things and therefore had way more random crap to eat than we do now. Now we both eat the same dinner together, which helps infinite amounts in making sure nothing goes to waste.

5. Make enough of something on Sundays to last you through the start of the week. If you’re really crunched for time though, one suggestion I have is making a huge batch of something for the work week on a Sunday (totally learned this simple piece of advice from Kim over at Domestocrat). I’ve done this by making turkey chowder in the slow cooker, or making sandwiches, or stir fry, whatever floats your boat… I love having leftovers so I don’t have to cook every single night (like my fish taco leftovers I ate for dinner last night!)

6. Buy a new cookbook or two and try new recipes. Seriously, prior to this decision to get healthy, I very rarely cooked. Matt was definitely the cook in our family and I just never did it. Why? Because I was lazy and just didn’t think I’d be good at it. I finally bucked up and bought a few solid cookbooks, and also started doing research online for tasty recipes ( has some great low-cal recipes). This encouraged us to try new food, new flavors, eat healthier, and also required fresh foods at the grocery store.

It also taught me that I’m actually pretty freakin’ awesome at both baking and cooking, and I’ve really started to enjoy learning about foods and how to make excellent flavors. Sometimes this will definitely eat up some of your time after work, but if you make a bunch extra, like I mentioned before, you’ve got healthy dinners for a few nights!

7. When you go to the grocery store, go with a plan and a list, dammit. I think another huge part of being successful in this is that you really need to go to the store with a plan as to what you want and KNOW that you will eat. Don’t ever go to the store having no idea what you’re in the mood for. Try your best to plan ahead and make a list.

In the past, I’d walk into the store without a list and end up leaving with dolphin-shaped crackers, chocolate bars, 1/4 pound of American cheese, bologna and some chicken nuggets. I literally walk out, get home and start to unpack and wonder what the hell just happened in there. Without a list, I got lost and bought stuff that was totally unnecessary without even realizing it as I shopped. A list keeps you on point and gives you less distractions.

Sure, it can be a pain in the ass but it also makes it so you don’t go out of control when you shop and get stuff you’ll never eat. The biggest things that have helped are flat out buying less in each trip, but making way more trips to the store, ALWAYS bringing a list, and trying to find things that I won’t get sick of.

This all takes a lot of effort, it really does. I’m not going to sit here and pretend it doesn’t. More trips and more time are spent at the grocery store, and it definitely took time to adjust, but it’s worth it and will really encourage a healthier eating regimen than before.

Feel free to toss some suggestions at me in the comments because I’m still learning a lot (I’m definitely no pro quite yet).


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Recipe corner: Low-cal Mahi Mahi Fish Tacos

Lemme just start in saying that I heart fish tacos. I love the fresh taste, the seasoning, the crunch of the cabbage/slaw… Fish tacos hold a dear place in my heart. However, most fish tacos at restaurants are not so good for you. We bought some Mahi Mahi from Costco and I knew I had to try to find a way to make delicious fish tacos that weren’t going to be super high calorie.

Okay guys and gals, this recipe? This recipe is seriously so good I have have HAVE to share it with you. Mainly because it tastes WONDERFUL, they take like no time to make, and also because you can technically have a fish taco for 200 calories. And a big one at that! Now me personally, I like to add a few little extras, so it pushed mine up to 260-280 but um, hello, 270 calories for a totally bombdotcom fish taco? Yeah, sign me up.

Matt was a huge fan of these, and I’m pretty sure I will be making these at least once a week, if not more, because of how easy and quick it is to make them.

Ingredients (Makes 4 big tacos)
14-16 oz. of Mahi Mahi (though I’m sure you could get away with cod or halibut here, I just thoroughly enjoy Mahi Mahi. Your best bet is if you live near Costco, buy the frozen Kirkland Signature Mahi Mahi. It’s 16 bucks for a huge bag of fillets and 95 calories for 4 oz. of fish.)
1 package of fish taco seasoning (I personally bought a brand called “Simply Organic” fish taco seasoning, though I’m pretty sure there are other brands that make fish taco seasoning. In any case, it’s all found in the aisle at your grocery store with the other taco seasonings, etc. An entire package is 100 calories. so 25 calories per taco.)
1 package of Coleslaw (Okay, don’t buy ACTUAL coleslaw with the mayo and ugh all that crap in it, but in the area where there’s packaged lettuce, etc., there should be bags of coleslaw, with shredded cabbage, carrots, etc.)
4 La Tortilla Factory High fiber, Low carb Tortillas (We buy them from Costco in massive bulks of 20 because we go through them so quickly, they’re I believe the 8-inch ones and are 80 calories per tortilla. I’m sure you could do corn tortillas here, but just be aware that this will obviously change the number of calories.)
1 container of pico de gallo (or you can make your own, but when I’m trying to make a quick meal, I just buy freshly made pico de gallo. I know Trader Joe’s has an amazing pico de gallo for cheap!)
1 lime (I used lime juice from a container which worked just as well and I don’t have to worry about wasting any.)
Fresh cilantro (This adds such an awesome flavor, I am a little bit obsessed with cilantro and so I put a ton of it on my taco.)

Optional ingredients:
1 container of Mexican Sour Cream (I put one tbsp. on my taco for 30 calories and it added such good tang to the fish, I highly suggest it!)
1 avocado (I mashed this up with stuff I had around the house, like a little lime juice, garlic powder, onion powder, salsa, salt and pepper, and it made kind of a guacamole. I’m sure you could get away with just salt and pepper if you really wanted to.. I only used one half of the avocado, and put maybe a tbsp of it on my taco for around 50 calories.)

1. Making sure your Mahi Mahi or other fish is thawed, cut the fish up into 1/2 inch strips. Not too thin but not too thick so when you cook them in the pan they don’t get overcooked.

2. Take your fish taco seasoning (this part may SUPER vary depending on what the package says, but for this is specifically for the fish taco seasoning I bought), mix it with 1/4 cup of water in a bowl, making sure it’s completely mixed well, creating a marinade.

3. Place your strips of fish into a large Ziploc bag, and coat the fish in a little vegetable oil (maybe 1 tbsp.) This will help the marinade stick to the fish.

4. Dump your marinade into the bag with the fish, and shake it around to ensure that all of the marinade gets on every piece of fish. You can let it sit for 5 minutes or if you have all the time in the world, 5 hours. I was in a rush so I let it sit for 5 minutes while I waited for the pan to heat up.

5. Speaking of which, pre-heat your stove to medium to medium-high, and put a nonstick skillet/pan on. I’d suggest putting a little nonstick spray on for extra measure, because the marinade will definitely stick a bit to the pan.

6. Put your fish in the pan and cook it for around 3 minutes per side. You’ll know your fish is done when it’s flaky, white on the inside (pink is bad!), and firm. Some of the smaller pieces started to kind of flake a little when I moved them around, so I had an idea they were done. Oh and I used tongs to flip the fish, as I found it much easier than using something like a spatula since you’re dealing with a bunch of strips of fish.

7. Once done, place the fish on a serving plate. It should smell absolutely divine and you may want to even try to just eat the fish on its own. But don’t, because once you put them on your tortilla with everything else, you’ll be quite happy you waited.

8. I personally heated up my tortilla in the micro for 15 seconds, because I like warm tortillas (though Matt likes his cold, so either way is fine).

9. Put on your toppings! I personally put on the sour cream first, then the fish, a squeeze of lime juice, then the avocado mix, the slaw, lots of cilantro, and topped it off with pico de gallo. This made a ginormous taco, so I knew I’d be having the other half of my fish for dinner the following night.

10. EAT UP! I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

If you eat your taco like Matt, with just a tortilla, fish, slaw and pico de gallo, you’ll be at around 190 calories. (We only did 14 oz. of fish, so each portion was 85 calories, plus the tortilla for 80, and 25 for the seasoning, so that’s where the 190 comes from!)

If you’re like me and like a little extra fun toppings, you’ll be looking at around 270 calories, as we’re adding in 30 cals of sour cream and 50 calories of avocado. Between the amazingly high fiber, high protein tortillas, the high protein fish (4oz. of Mahi Mahi has 21g of protein!), and the delicious toppings (I pile on the slaw because I LOVE the fresh crunch it gives the taco), you feel totally full and you feel like you got to eat really great food but without all the extra calories attached.

This recipe is more my own thing I created on a whim, so feel free to mess around with it. I might add jalapenos next time (I totally forgot to buy them) for an extra kick, but you can really vary this one up.

I love tacos because you can put so many toppings on that are zero calories and add great flavor and texture to your meal!


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Recipe Corner: Chocolate Peanut Butter Soda Cake

This is seriously one of the easiest and quickest desserts you can make. It’s got 3 total ingredients (2 if you decide to leave out the peanut butter), and tastes so good you won’t even realize you’re eating a much lower-calorie version of your favorite cake. It’s moist and fluffy and absolutely delicious. Matt even REALLY enjoyed it, and he’s pretty picking about his cake/knowing when something that is supposed to be “healthier” honestly just tastes like crap. You can pair this up with a Cool Whip topping (which is really tasty) or just eat it without it!

Makes 12 servings
Box of Devil’s Food Chocolate Cake
1 12 oz. can of diet coke
2 tablespoons of natural peanut butter (you can do creamy or crunchy, I did crunchy personally)

1. Put the cake mix into a bowl.

2. Pour the soda in with the cake.

3. Mix the cake mix and soda until it’s smooth. DO NOT over-mix it though or you will end up with really fluffy cake and it won’t taste very good.

4. Melt the peanut butter, then you have two choices. You can:

  1. Put the peanut butter in with the mix in the bowl, and mix it in.
  2. Wait to put the peanut butter on TOP of the cake when it’s in the pans, and then make a peanut butter swirl on top.
    Personally, I did the peanut butter into the mix but I’m thinking next time I’ll try the swirl on top. By mixing it in, it gives a chocolate with light peanut butter flavor.

5. Pour the cake into your pans. Oh, I’d suggest using pans vs. cupcake tins. I made soda cupcake before and they fell apart way too easily and became mush. Not sure if it was the mix I had or what, but this time the cake turned out way better when I used two 9×9 cake pans. Put the peanut butter on top if you’ve chosen to do that, using a knife to make pretty swirls in your cake.

6. Follow the directions on the box for baking time/temperature.

7. Take your cake out of the oven, let it cool down, and enjoy!

Calorie-wise, it may vary depending on what kind of cake mix you used. You can totally also do this with yellow/confetti cake, just make sure to use diet Sprite or something like that, so it doesn’t turn a gross brown.

Most cake mixes are 170-180 for 1/12 of the cake. The box I bought was 170 per serving, then an additional 17 cals for the peanut butter, so for one big slice of cake, it’s 187 calories.

I’m planning on using this recipe in the future to make a really awesome trifle with yellow cake, light Cool Whip, with blueberries and strawberries. Now that you can eat your cake and not feel guilty, there are endless possibilities of what you can do with cake in the future!


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ABCs of the weekend: Apple, Bridesmaids, and Cookies

Wow, so in retrospect, this weekend was actually a pretty awesome weekend. It was busy, but in a good way. Friday Matt and I were planning on making a trip to the Apple store so Matt could finally buy his MacBook Air he’s wanted for awhile. We talked back and forth while both at work and finally decided that I could also get an iPad 2 if I wanted to. I love my iMac, but that is upstairs in our office… And unfortunately my MacBook is starting to slowly crap the bed cosmetically.

The battery died, the power cord is literally frayed and showing wires, so having something that would be easily portable for me to take to work or on trips or just to browse the internet while hanging out downstairs makes sense. So we left work early and went to the Apple store over at UVillage, and got Matt his super sleek MacBook Air and myself an iPad 2! I’m actually writing this post from my iPad, and I have to say that it’s pretty awesome to have.

I was totally one of those people who thought iPads were just oversized iPhones, but I have to say they’re actually really cool. I’ll definitely bring mine with me to work for taking notes in meetings, etc. And it’s nice to have for browsing online while hanging out downstairs. The apps are really cool; streaming Netflix will be nice to have on flights where Wifi is available, and I found an app that has tons of free documentaries for me to watch as well… Anyway, we got those and then spent Friday night setting up our stuff and relaxing.

Saturday we got up early, did our weigh-in (Matt lost 7.2 pounds and I lost 3.6, woo!), had a light breakfast, then headed out to see Bridesmaids. This has literally been the one movie I’d been waiting for. I love Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy (um hey I loved her as Sookie on Gilmore Girls!), and anything that is directed by Paul Feig and produced by Judd Apatow pretty much makes me want to dance. Needless to say, I loved the shit out of that movie. It was so awesome to see a primarily female cast be hilarious and show that they sure as hell could run a movie that was funny but had a lot of heart at the same time.

This wasn’t your typical chick flick rom-com movie; this was funny and actually good! I’ve heard that conservative predictions think it’s brought in 24.4 million which is great, though I’m hoping it’s closer to 30 by the end of the weekend. Everyone should go see this; I laughed so hard I had tears streaming down my face and also got a little choked up at times, too. I can’t wait til it comes out on DVD. Hooray for funny women, (seriously). I know I’ve pushed this movie hard on Twitter and other places (it’s probably annoying but I don’t really give a shit), but I feel so strong about it doing well and really setting things up for future movies based around smart and funny women, so please go see it.

Okay, so we went out for our cheat/fun lunch to The Rock, ate delicious food that later made my stomach angry, raced home to make sure we were home in time to do a quick clean-up the house and then wait for Beefo to come over and do a run-through of the house. Unfortunately we had to miss out on our cousin Laura’s daughter Kaleigh’s first birthday party (who is seriously the cutest friggin’ baby), but it was good to see Beefo and let the pups hang out with him for a bit. We chatted and caught up on life and walked him through the house (he’s watching the dogs and is house-sitting for us while we’re in Boston this upcoming weekend for Kim and John‘s wedding).

After Beefo left, we made a much-needed Costco run. They have the best chicken noodle soup that is around 110 calories per cup, so we picked up some of that for work lunches. We also grabbed our favorite tortillas for lunches, and a new cookbook by Rocco Dispirito that has some awesome-sounding light recipes that I can’t wait to try. We got home and settled in for the night, watching Matilda on TV (go ahead and laugh at me) and then SNL with Ed Helms.

Sunday we slept til 9:30, got up and I ran to the grocery store to get stuff for our salad Matt was going to make for dinner, along with a few other things. Got home and I made us those awesome whole wheat-buttermilk waffles for breakfast. We played video games and lazed around until Bruce and Amy came over for dinner and TV shows.

Amy made an amazing BBQ chicken pizza, Matt made a great apple, feta, pecan, and cranberry salad, and I made peanut butter chip coconut cookies. We had a great dinner, caught up on Game of Thrones and watched the Survivor finale (so happy Boston Rob won finally, and that Phillip burnt his saggy pink undies!) and just had a great night with some of our best friends.

I love having friends like that; ones you can totally feel comfortable just hanging out with, not having to feel like you have to entertain them at all times, and just always have a good time with. I’m pretty thankful we have Bruce and Amy so close by to hang out with.

Great weekend that honestly lifted my spirits. This week is a 4-day work week then we’re off to Boston! It should be a great trip (albeit a short one), but I’m looking forward to seeing my family and then our friends get married!


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