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First year of marriage…

I’ve been married for over a year now. MARRIED. That seems so weird to me sometimes; I’m Matt’s wife, and Matt’s my husband. More often than not, I wonder when the hell I got to be old enough to even be someone’s wife. Or to refer to ourselves as the Magnusons. That’s such a weird feeling. But let me clarify that it’s not a BAD weird, just a weird weird. I think it just makes me feel old. I’m 26, almost 27. Like since when did I hit my late twenties?

Anyway, forgetting the whole feeling old thing, I wanted to write a reflection on my first year of marriage. All things considered, it was a wonderful first year. We learned something new about each other on a daily basis, we laughed a LOT, we had our first Christmas as a married couple (and spoiled the crap out of our dogs/children with plenty of toys, while Matt spoiled me with a brand new iMac that I had no idea I was getting, haha), went on our first big vacation EVER (yay for Disney World honeymoon!), filed taxes jointly for the first time, decided to get healthy (Oh hey what’s up almost 130 pounds lost between the two of us?), AND celebrated 8 years since we had our first date

So much has happened since we got married. Have things been absolutely perfect? No, of course not, but when they’re not perfect, we’ve learned to be there for each other, supporting the other one through thick and thin, and really have listened to each other. Though we’ve been together for 8 years, there’s something about celebrating that first year as being married that just… It’s just a great feeling. If anything, it’s made me look forward so much more to our future years together.

One last thing I wanted to quickly note: I remember wondering at one point, while planning our wedding, whether or not I was more excited for the wedding itself or marriage. It got to a point where I think at times I got so swallowed up by planning that wedding that I forgot about the fact that I was more looking forward to the actual marriage part of things instead of one single day event. Being married is the best part of it all, not the wedding. I loved our wedding, I really did, but I just wanted to be able to call Matt my husband and start this next chapter of our lives.

And now that it’s been a year, I can officially say that marriage is really really awesome and I could not ask for a better husband (or best friend) to hold my hand and be by my side for the rest of my life.



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8 years…

Saturday marked my 8 year anniversary with Matt. Our wedding anniversary isn’t until September, but we still celebrate the anniversary that marks the day we met. I actually spent a little time earlier looking through super nerdy Livejournal posts I wrote at the time, the days before and days after Matt found me on… It’s painfully awkward to read past entries, wondering why I was such a dork (but not before reminding myself that I WAS 18 at the time).. But there is also something cute about the fact that I actually saved the conversations we first had when we started talking… They brought me back to that night, where I first felt butterflies and wondered if this guy was real.

It was made real on June 18th, 2003. I knew, I swear to God I knew that we were going to be together forever. And here we are 8 years later, married, with a house, 2 dogs and a cat… And still so happy. We’ve grown so much both as individuals and as a couple, but it’s remarkable how we haven’t grown apart, but rather much closer. I couldn’t be happier to spend my free time with him, and firmly believe in the Mumford and Sons lyrics, “Where you invest your love, you invest your life.” I’m happy to invest my love and share my life with him. Now that we have our own little family, it’s pretty awesome to look forward to such a wonderful future for us.

Anyway, that being said, we had a wonderful anniversary. We woke up Saturday morning, and started off the morning with our weekly weigh-in. We EACH lost a whopping 7 pounds! I was so happy I danced.. and very proud of us both. We got ready, grabbed a quick breakfast at Starbucks, and went to Kent Station to go see Super 8, which we’d both been dying to see.

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It brought back fond memories of movies like The Goonies and Jurassic Park, and the magic/wonder of movies like E.T. I am looking forward to it coming out on DVD for sure!

There was a dog jumping competition going on for the weekend at Kent Station, so we watched doggies leap in the air and into a big swimming pool. It was actually really cute and fun to watch.

We made our way over to Bath and Body Works for more wallflowers for the house (and Matt had to drag me away from everything since I tend to buy crap tons of stuff in that store every time), then headed out for Alki Beach, which is where Matt proposed and where we got married.

We hadn’t been back since our wedding so the drive over was a totally weird experience for each of us. It brought back such intense memories of the drive over to the bathhouse with my sister and my Dad, and for Matt he remembered coming around the corner and hearing “Awake My Soul” by Mumford and Sons, as he was on his way to marrying little old me.

We parked and had lunch at Pegasus, since we love their pizza (yay cheat meals!) and I had a Livingsocial deal. It was good but SO filling, so we left with tons of leftovers for dinner later. After we dropped off the pizza in the car, we went for a walk on the beach, combing the sand for sea glass, talking about our wedding, and watching seagulls pick away at the low tide leftovers. I eventually found one tiny piece of sea glass, and totally came across a heart-shaped rock… Though when I showed it to Matt, excitedly telling him it was a little heart, he responded with, “…or a kidney bean.” Such a romantic husband, right?

We played around on the sea wall for awhile, walked by the bathhouse where an event was going on, and eventually made our way over to the mini Statue of Liberty. Why it’s there, I do not know but it always amuses me because it’s so miniature.


We got in the car, and Matt drove around the bend where he had proposed to me. We got out, and went to the very spot he proposed, the bench we sat on as we hugged and he told me the whole story of how he planned it and how Beefo helped, and then saw a bunch of geese and their little babies, all eating grass. It was really cute and also made me really happy to be back in such a special spot. It blows both of our minds that it was 3 1/2 years ago when he proposed… I swear it seems like yesterday I was bending down to tie my shoelaces on my black Chucks after Matt told me we were going on one of our nighttime adventures… Listening to Silverchair as we drove over the West Seattle bridge. It’s weird how quickly or slowly time can pass by..

We made a little trip to Barnes and Noble and Target, then got hone and took it easy, eating leftovers and watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind (which I’d never seen before)… It was the perfect way to spend our anniversary; fun adventures during the day and staying in and cuddling at night.

I was so happy to celebrate our 8 year anniversary for the first time as husband and wife… Even though it’s felt like we’ve been married for many years. It just feels nice that it’s official and that I can call him my husband. 🙂


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Family, Weddings, and Flying

As I write what will probably be an epic blog post, full of photos and video, I’m actually sitting around 35,000 feet in the air on a JetBlue airplane, listening to Mumford and Sons and surprisingly not entirely hating my flight. Though by the time this gets published we’ll be at home, I thought I could get a head start on writing about our whirlwind but AMAZING weekend full of seeing my family, seeing old friends, and watching two of our favorite people, John and Kim, get married and start a new journey in their lives.

Let’s rewind to Thursday night, where we left our pups and Snifter with Brian and his lovely girlfriend Vanessa. We decided to take a red-eye so we could have all of Friday to spend with my family, leaving from Seattle at 11:30 and getting into Boston at around 7:30 Friday morning. It was so scarily quiet at the airport I was a little creeped out.

Holy crap, one of the worst flights ever. Number one, I’ve never experienced turbulence so horrible in my life. I actually started to get a little nervous because of how bad it was. What really made the flight awful is through trying to get some sleep, a guy 2 rows behind us threw up the ENTIRE flight. And he wasn’t quiet about it either. I felt so bad for the people sitting next to him. I would not have been able to handle someone throwing up next to me in an already claustrophobic space.

So my stomach already gets upset while flying, add this guy puking his brains out and I was miserable. At one point I was able to close my eyes, and as I opened them, Matt was in a fetal position, covering his ears and closing his eyes because he couldn’t handle the noise, either. It was a sad sight, and when we finally landed I blessed little baby Jesus for getting me off that damn flight. The only redeeming quality of that flight was the beautiful sunrise.

We picked up our rental car (which reminds me, I need to leave Enterprise a not very nice review due to some lady there accusing me of lying, and the fact that they charged our credit card 3 times. Epic fail on their part) and headed out to go stop by Boston College. It was so nice to be back in Boston, seeing the old brick buildings and downtown. That’s something you tend to miss once you’ve left… It’s a beautiful city for very different reasons than Seattle, but I adore it.

(Random side note: while these extra legroom seats are nice, the one downside is when someone poops in the bathroom, it literally takes over all surrounding air and nearly knocks you out. Matt and I just experienced this and I want to die. I mean I know people gotta poop, but dear Lord..)

Anyway, we went to the BC campus, and went to the bookstore for a couple of items. However, we were sad to see that the Dust Bowl is being completely destroyed/built on, so the campus is under heavy construction.. Either way, Matt was happy we were able to stop by while we were there, as I know he really misses it.

We headed south on our trek to Abington, and as we drove I was SO SAD to see that the big blow-up lock was NOT on the building it’s always on (anyone who drive Route 3 South knows what building I’m talking about), and so I took a photo of such a naked and sad building.

We got Dunkin Donuts (YAAAAYYY!) and went over to my Mom’s house, where she was hanging out with Brad. It was so nice to be back in little Abington for a bit. Brianna got home from school a few hours later. I missed my little sister way too much! We caught up for awhile, and relaxed after being up all night. Had lunch with my Dad and Brianna at the 99 (Haha chain I know, but oh my word they had amazing warm lobster rolls that were literally all lobster, no mayo or anything. They were amazing.) It was nice to spend some time with my Dad, though he seemed like he really missed me. Those moments are hard and when I wish that Seattle was closer to Boston so flights weren’t so expensive.

After lunch, we went back to my Mom’s house and hung out there with everyone until around 8ish. My mom made some amazing turkey meatballs and cream pie that was super low-cal for dinner and dessert. I think I might need to steal the recipe from her and post it on here because holy cow was it good.

Seeing my family makes me really happy. Though it’s hard to be so far from them, it makes it all the more special to spend time with them. I’m hoping to get Brianna back out to Seattle next summer or something.

We got in our car, entered our hotel’s address in the GPS and made our way up and north to Lawrence. For some reason I forgot that Lawrence is seriously right next to New Hampshire, so it took us around an hour but we made it. Though I thought I would pass out from exhaustion, I was still excited to go over the Bunker Hill bridge, so I had Matt take a photo.

I don’t think I’d ever been so happy to lay on a bed in my life. John, the groom in Saturday’s wedding, made a little surprise visit to our room and we caught up with him. He and Matt even took a delightful (and kind of inappropriate?) photo on Matt’s MacBook Air. We went to bed as we were remarkably exhausted from a long but really fun day.

That night we slept for like 11 hours, waking up at around 10, and knew we needed coffee stat. As we walked down to the lobby, we ran into John again, who was cool as a cucumber, haha. We walked over to Dunkin Donuts, and as we rounded the corner we were stopped by one of the most delightful people on earth, Matt’s old college roommate, Doug. I think the exchange went something like:


Followed by massive bear hugs for everyone. Doug is one of those people who will put a smile on your face in a hot second. We caught up with him for a bit, then got coffee and breakfast (ugh I am now obsessed with those turkey sausage egg white flatbreads). Dunkin Donuts, serving delightful breakfasts and reuniting old friends.

We lazed around our room for awhile, where I obsessively played Ticket to Ride on my iPad. Seriously, 10 bucks to have every version (Switzerland included) of the best board game on your iPad, with the ability to play people online? It’s literally passed the time on this trip so well, in the airports, hanging out, and on my flights.

Okay so, this normally would be the part where I continue on with talking about the wedding, but I realized if I do that, this post will be TOO epic and there are so many photos, I’d rather give it its own post.

So yes, you’ll have to wait to hear about the beautiful wedding, the amazing food (and dear God I will not forget that chocolate cake with chocolate ganache for awhile; totally worth the cheat meal), the dancing (I even somehow got Matt to dance a little, though it took Doug nearly dragging him out with us, haha), the tweets (no seriously, the wedding managed to have its own hashtag, #serpikim) and just overall wonderful time we had celebrating our good friends’ wedding.

We got up super early this morning, and walking out to the car totally heard like 80 birds chirping. We somehow made it from dropping off our rental car and all the way through security in 15 minutes. That does not EVER happen at Logan Airport, ever. It must’ve been a record.

Anyway, we just flew past the Great Lakes, and still have around 2 1/2-3 hours left, but this flight has been much more pleasant than our red-eye. No throwing up, plenty of leg space, You’ve Got Mail on my TV, Ticket to Ride in front of me and the ability to blog is making time pass by much quicker.

Though I’m looking forward to being home with our animals and in our own bed, I’m so so happy we were able to see my family and be at John and Kim’s wedding. Wonderful weekend spent with so many wonderful people! Soon, I will have a wedding post filled with photos and maybe even a video!

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Off to Boston we go!

So I didn’t have much time to write an update for today (which I normally do the night before I publish/publicize it)… Why? Been packing for the quickest trip EVER to Boston. We leave tonight, get in around 7:30 in the morning, then we’re picking up our car, making a stop at Boston College (of course), grabbing breakfast then heading down to Abington for the day. We’re planning on spending the day with family, doing lunch with my Dad and sister, then dinner later with my Mom, sister and cousins.

I’m hoping we’re still awake to make it back to Lawrence that night so we can check in and conk out. Seriously though, if I don’t sleep on the plane tonight, Matt has threatened that he will be very mad. Let’s just say when we went on our honeymoon and did a red-eye flight, in which I got no sleep on it, I had a mega meltdown over having 2 queen size beds vs. one king size in our room.. Yeah, it was stupid and I don’t want to have that again, ha.

Saturday is the big wedding day! Thankfully we can sleep in a bit before getting ready and helping out with picking up some stuff (cheese in particular) for the wedding, then making our way to the venue. I plan on sneaking in some photos (because who wants to wait til FOREVER to get photos of their wedding back? It’s always nice to see it from the guests’ point of view).

After all the wedding fun, we’ll go back to our hotel, go to bed, and get up at 4:30am so we can return our car and make our flight. Back to Seattle by 11am. Definitely a fun weekend but holy crap if I don’t get sick for the lack of sleep/being on a plane, it’ll be a miracle.

Anyway, all that being said, I’ll try my best to update tomorrow, though I’m not sure I’ll have much time. So if I disappear, don’t worry because Monday will be a nice massive recap of our weekend, with lots of photos.

Boston, here we come!


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Goodbyes, Gods, and Gourmet

This weekend was pretty full of activities but we managed to have fun together, because that’s just how Matt and I roll.

Friday night after work we went out for our friend’s Lindsey goodbye dinner/drinks at Mama Stortinis. Lindsey is one of Matt’s co-workers and a really good friend to both of us, and Friday was her last day working for their company. Matt was definitely feeling bummed out about it but we live like 5 minutes from Lindsey so we’ll still see her. I was quite proud that neither Matt or I caved in and got any dinner, as we were saving our cheat dinner for Mother’s Day.

Saturday we got up early due to our dogs being antsy pants. Seriously, our dogs are like little kids wanting to wake you up as early as possible on the weekends (yet during the week are impossible to wake up because it’s too early for them, haha.) Milo does a Mexican Hat Dance with a squeaky toy all over the bed and/or on top of you, and Anya paces around saying something to the effect of “RARARARRRRooorrRRARAR.”

Anyway, I slept in a little later than Matt did, when Matt reminded me upon coming downstairs that it was our weigh-in day! Excited, I asked Matt how much he’d lost. He told me he was down 7 pounds this week! I immediately ran upstairs and weighed myself, telling myself not to get too excited in case I didn’t lose anything. Lo and behold, I too lost 7 pounds! I shouted downstairs to Matt and I was so so so proud of us. So happy to say goodbye to that weight… We lost a combined 14 pounds this past week and it was awesome to know that yes, we are doing this, and it’s working.

I’m aware there will be weeks where we lose 1 pound, or no pounds, or even gain a pound. But to have these moments of victory is such a good feeling, and to have it be going well for both of us is awesome. I can’t even imagine how it’ll be when we start nightly walks once the weather is nicer!

We ate breakfast and played around with the pets (Matt thought singing “The Circle of Life” while holding Snifter in the air was funny.. it made me laugh), then made our way down to Kent Station to go see Thor with Bruce and Amy.

Um, Thor was awesome. It was cheesy and epic and so much fun. Unfortunately there was a guy sitting in our row who literally slurped his entire drink through the first half of the movie. I don’t do well with slurpers and Matt had to nudge me because I kept looking over/wanted to say something.

But yeah, we really enjoyed the movie, then parted ways with Bruce and Amy to run a bunch of errands. Upon getting home, we made the marinade for our Honey-mustard Porkchops (recipe to be posted on Tuesday), then I made us diet soda chocolate peanut butter cake (also posting that later in the week) and hung out and relaxed and caught up on some shows we missed during the week. Dinner was SO GOOD (I also made onion rings but I messed them up a little bit, we know for next time though!), and we enjoyed our cake.

Today was Mother’s Day, so we had plans to go out to dinner with Matt’s family at Duke’s Chowder House. I made sure my own Momma Mia had delightful presents delivered to her (I got her Friday Night Lights Season 5 and Tina Fey’s BossyPants) and it sounded like she had a good day back on the east coast… Upon waking up, I immediately got started on making our dinner/food for the next few days, Turkey Chowder.

After I got that going in the slow cooker, we ate some cereal for breakfast (going light since we knew lunch was going to be a bit higher calorie than normal), then headed out early to stop by Target for Matt. We listened to the new Fleet Foxes and held hands and talked and it made me really happy. I love those moments where you get so overwhelmed with how much you love the other person you just want to cry.

We went to Target, where I got fun slip ons for the summer, and we of course had to play in the toy aisle because we are children.

After our little trip to Target, we went to Duke’s for a late lunch and it was good. Matt and I both had fish tacos, and I only ate one of my two tacos because I was so full. I was proud that I allowed myself to enjoy my meal but also not go overboard, same going for Matt. Sue seemed to like her cards and presents and it was a great meal!

We got home, ate dinner, and I played Ticket to Ride on the Xbox while Matt packed up for NYC. He has to go for work until Thursday night, which is never fun for either of us. He doesn’t really like NYC at all, and I don’t like being home alone. But I figure I’ll keep myself busy with cleaning, doing laundry, and blogging, until I can pick him up at the airport on Thursday night.

All in all, a good weekend with my best friend in the whole world. I’m going to miss Matt during the week but he’ll be back before me or the doggies (and Snifter) know it. 🙂


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Finding the perfect wedding ceremony music

After the intense and emotional recent events, I knew I needed to start thinking about positive things. I was thinking about music and remembered our wedding, and the music that was played during the ceremony.

Matt and I were going back and forth on what music and songs we wanted played at our wedding ceremony. We knew we were not doing the traditional wedding music or any classical music, because that wasn’t us. We wanted songs that meant something to us and our relationship. I remember wondering what the hell I was going to walk down the aisle with my Dad to. I knew I wanted something different, but beautiful and meaningful. One day Matt told me he had a song he wanted to play for me, saying it reminded him of me. It was “The Girl” by City and Colour and as soon as we listened to it, we both realized it would be the perfect song for me to walk down the aisle to.

But you don’t ask for no diamond rings,
No delicate string of pearls,
That’s why I wrote this song to sing,
My beautiful girl

We realized we’d also need a song for the bridesmaids to walk to, and then a song for us to leave to. Picking out the song for the bridesmaids was pretty simple. We both love the movie Once, it’s our favorite movie, (and both Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova are some of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen perform live), and “Falling Slowly” was another song that was a big part of our relationship (Like I remember listening to the Once soundtrack at least 10 times on a drive back from the San Juans while we were stuck in traffic, haha).

Take this sinking boat and point it home
We’ve still got time
Raise your hopeful voice you have a choice
You’ll make it now

So I suppose I should interject here (because this actually affected the song we chose for the walk as husband and wife) and mention that the original plan with our music for our wedding was to play the songs on our PA system. But when we realized we wanted to have the wedding outside, we figured that would be kind of an issue. We started brainstorming ideas and then realized two of Matt’s best friends (and groomsmen), Brian (aka Beefo) and Tanner were musically inclined and that maybe we could see if they would be willing to play the guitar and ukulele. Tanner and Beefo were entirely awesome and were more than happy to learn the songs and practice together to make our wedding songs perfect. So Matt and I knew our first two songs would be okay for them to play, as they weren’t too difficult on the guitar, but were stumped for our exit song. We decided that “If You Want to Sing Out, Sing Out” by Cat Stevens would be an awesome choice and since we both enjoyed that song, we figured we’d be good.

A few months later, we had them over to play the songs for us to see if we liked their takes on the songs, and holy crap, as soon as they started playing I burst into tears. Their versions were absolutely beautiful. Tanner had taken it upon himself to make a cigar box guitar (vs. a ukulele) and Beefo played a 12-string guitar. I remembered I tried to hide my tears but I couldn’t because I was suddenly overwhelmed by the thought of, “Holy crap, this is our wedding music, it’s beautiful, THIS IS REAL,” and I was also overwhelmed by the fact that both Beefo and Tanner took the time to make such beautiful arrangements of our songs just for us. The love that was displayed at that moment from our friends was overwhelmingly wonderful and it was something I’ll never forget… one of my absolute favorite parts of wedding planning.

After they played The Girl and Falling Slowly, they told us that unfortunately, Cat Stevens was not as easy to play on the guitar and we told them we’d come up with something new. It was in that moment that we had a total moment of brilliance. Matt suddenly exclaimed, “You know what would be awesome? ‘Little Bribes’ by Death Cab for Cutie.” I’m pretty sure I totally screamed, “OHMYGOD YES!” ran to the corner where our speakers are set up in our house, and promptly played it for them. Both Tanner and Beefo began playing it on the guitar along to the song, and were sold on it. It sounded awesome and it was perfect for us to make our exit to.

Matt and I love that song; it always puts us in a good mood and we often find ourselves blasting it when driving around together. It’s not about the lyrics necessarily but the tune and how we listen to it together… It just seemed right. Plus, we figured, there couldn’t be any other couples out there that had walked out as husband and wife to “Little Bribes”.

The never ending twilight
In a basement where the sun has never spilt
You said that you were lonely
And then we kissed like lonely people do

And so we had our ceremony music ready to roll… It was awesome. I didn’t get to hear “Falling Slowly” because I was outside waiting with my Dad as the bridesmaids walked down the aisle… But I remember beaming as I walked down the aisle with my Dad, seeing Matt smiling at me, hearing “The Girl”.. that moment seemed to surreal. And as we walked out? I felt like a SO HAPPY (I’m sure part of it was that I just got married, haha) walking out to that song, with my husband holding my hand, bubbles floating every where while people cheered.

So yeah, I have to pat ourselves on the back for not only having awesome music, but also an awesome way of having the songs performed by awesome friends.

I think my advice for other brides-to-be is feel free to have fun with your ceremony music! It doesn’t have to be traditional if you don’t want it to be. But it also can be traditional if that means something to you, too. Do what you want, what will make you and your significant other happiest, and if that means making the ceremony about you, go for it. The ceremony is a celebration of you as a couple and I’m happy we were able to pull off our ceremony music the perfect way to reflect us and our relationship.


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Healthy lifestyle progress, go team go!

I figured it was time for a little update on our progress with our new healthy lifestyle. Surprisingly enough, it hasn’t been bad at all. In fact, it’s been pretty awesome! I can’t begin to stress how nice it is to have a partner doing this with, that of course being Matt. It makes it ten times easier to make the right choices when you have a partner doing the same thing that you are. You remind each other why you’re doing it and push the other person to keep going.

Food-wise it’s been pretty awesome. We’ve both added way more fruits and vegetables to our diet. Also exploring the world of egg whites, fiber, fish, spinach, and eating lots of good soup. I’ve learned to really enjoy a good broth (I used to despise broth). We both keep an eye on the calories we’ve consumed, and though it’s more work to sometimes have to plan everything out, it’s really not that bad and we’ve both gotten pretty used to it. I think sometimes it’s a little harder for Matt since he can consume more calories than I can (darn these men and they’re crazy metabolism!), so sometimes he struggles with making sure he’s eating enough calories throughout the day, but he’s gotten much better about it.

I also really enjoy that we both allow ourselves to have one cheat meal on the weekends. It’s not like we go nuts or anything and consume 8 burgers in one sitting (okay that kind of just grossed me out), but to be able to enjoy something a little less healthy just once a week is pretty nice. I’ve also made an effort to eat slower (though Matt always have given me shit for being such a slow eater), to really enjoy my meal and allow my body to realize when it is full. When I eat too fast, I eat too much and then am at the miserably full point… that’s not much fun and I feel terrible.

Oh and I’m proud to say outside of my coffee in the morning (which I’ve changed drastically to an iced drip coffee with nonfat and a Sweet ‘n low), I have not consumed any diet soda or any sugary drinks since we decided to start eating healthier. It’s been all water for me. This is a pretty big feat for me as I got used to having my afternoon Diet Coke to keep me going when I hit that afternoon lull at work. So hooray for water, which I’ve really come to enjoy, honestly.

The other big change I’ve made is eating something every few hours to keep my metabolism going. Usually I’ll have a spinach and feta egg white wrap from Starbucks, or yogurt fruit and granola, or oatmeal, etc. for breakfast, then sneak in a little snack if I start to feel hungry before lunch, like light mozzarella string cheese, or a hard-boiled egg. Then lunch comes, then another snack later on (apple, pear, yogurt), then dinner, then some sort of snack (I usually sneak in some chocolate as a nightly treat because let’s be honest, sometimes a girl’s just gotta have her chocolate.)

I’ve gotten myself to be more open to new flavors and to try new healthier foods. We make way more trips to the grocery store during the week for fresh foods. It’s pretty liberating to feel free from making terrible decisions when it comes to food, to no longer feel guilty about what we’re eating. I know it’s only 2 weeks in (and perhaps we’re still in the honeymoon stage of eating healthier), but I’m really enjoying this change. It’s improved my self-esteem, attitude and positivity outside of work and generally is making me a happier person.

So here’s to continuing with these changes and to a positive future for us. 🙂


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