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This is my dog. His name is Milo.

Little note: Wow, so I was pretty surprised at the amount of feedback on got on the post about healthy breakfasts. Number one, it was the most views I’ve ever received since I began my blog, and number two, the most comments. Pretty awesome and exciting to see so many people having amazing suggestions for breakfast. I’m really excited to steal some of these ideas from you guys. Look for another post soon about what I’ve been eating for lunch, and that is definitely one I’m looking for suggestions on because my lunch is kind of boring. Not bad, just boring. Anyway, on to my post about my dog…

Milo is my pug/mini pinscher mix. More often than not, people mistake him for a Puggle, but he’s not. I knew I wanted a pug or pug mix the second I moved out to Seattle, and found Milo on craigslist in what I ended up suspecting was a bad situation. We drove up to Lake Stevens a day after I’d moved here, to a crappy house with a woman who screamed at her kid who was running around the house in just his white skivvies… Yeah. It was an interesting situation. As soon as we saw Milo, we knew he was it. The way he looked into our eyes was what got us; he looked like a sweet little puppy who needed a good home.

After we left what seemed to be the house from hell, I was glad we adopted him and got him out of the situation he was in.. He was extremely skinny and I’m pretty sure he was abused or at least was not in a safe space for a dog. The house was a bit of a mess and the people screamed a LOT at each other, even as we were sitting there. Needless to say, Milo was pretty happy to be with us.

Unfortunately, Milo seemed to love us a little too much, and was scared to death of other people. He was absolutely attached to my hip at all times, and even though we had a lot of friends and family over, he just did not warm up to them at all. I thought pugs were supposed to be super friendly, so I did a little research on his mix (pug/mini pins are also known as carlin pinschers) and came across the following from this site:

Temperament: The Carlin Pinscher is patient, pleasant, playful and outgoing. It is best to socialize the Carlin Pinscher with humans and other dogs when young to prevent it from becoming overly aggressive or suspicious of strangers. The Carlin Pinscher is fond of children but its personal space must be respected. It should be supervised around young children for its protection and theirs because this dog will bite and scratch when harassed.

Milo had not been socialized with strangers or people. He stayed inside a lot and spent most of his time playing with another dog but rarely had interactions with strangers. We got him when he was 9 months and it felt like it was too late. We’ve worked continuously over the years with getting him better with people.

When we finally moved to a huge house with a big backyard, we saw a dramatic change in his behavior towards strangers. We were even able to go on our honeymoon while our friends Bruce and Amy watched Milo and Anya (our other dog who will be getting her very own post in the near future), and Milo actually cuddled with them. This was unheard of and really exciting to see Milo finally making progress and realizing not all people are demons who want to eat him for dinner (because that’s seriously what he thinks in his little mind).

Anyway, outside of his issues with strangers, Milo is the probably the funniest dog ever. He often goes into what Matt and I call “Dobbles mode.” He runs around, throws himself on the floor, and snorts. He grabs as many stuffed animals with squeakies as possible and goes on a squeaking rampage (as seen in the video below on Christmas Day, 2009):

He also likes to grab his dog food in the breakfast nook area, run out into the living room where we are, drop all of his food kibbles he’s proudly carried in his mouth, and then proceed to eat his food off the carpet. He also does this while in the middle of playing with Anya; he runs into the kitchen, grabs food, and nomnomnoms it down. We like to call it his “snack break.”

His nightly ritual consists of playing with his favorite toy (currently it’s his lamb that my Mom got for him, which he tore the eyes out of but takes good care of otherwise, makes total sense right?), then bringing said toy to the top of the bed, dropping it off to me or Matt, then scratching at the covers until we let him under. He then makes his way down to my feet/legs and snuggles up for the night. Sometimes he gets too hot and will make his way up to sleep between Matt and me. It’s pretty darn cute.

Sometimes Matt is cruel and will take his toy from him, like in this video I took tonight:

Oh yeah, Milo is kind of obsessed with being warm, being snuggled, and being smushed. He will love you forever if you have a blanket near you. If there is a little space between you and the couch, he will do whatever it takes to wedge himself into that little spot. One time we kind of “lost” Milo in our apartment though (don’t mind that fact that it was a disaster; I have no idea how we lived as 2 people, 2 dogs and a cat in that dinky apartment for so long):

I will leave you with one final ridiculous story about Milo. One night, Matt and I came home from a trip to Costco, and were carrying everything in, with Matt ahead of me and already down the stairs leading to our apartment. As I made my way down with a big box in my hands, I miscalculated what I thought was the final step and took a nice tumble down the stairs, bagels and other items going everywhere. Matt was halfway in the door when he heard me fall/crying (falling down concrete stairs will do that to you), and turned around to see if I was okay.

As he turned, both Milo and Anya made a run for it out the door, with Anya stopping when Matt called her name. Milo on the other hand looked at Matt, looked at me, and as Matt bellowed out a stern, “Milooooo…”, Milo promptly turned around and booked it as fast as possible down the street. As I laid on the ground amongst the bagels and and frozen chicken I’d lost during my graceful tumble, I looked at Matt who yelled in a panic, “I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO! Should I stay with you or go after Milo?!” I told him to go after Milo and that I would be okay. Matt turned and booked it down the street, in hopes that he would find our fat little evil turd dog. As I got myself up onto my feet (with a nasty bloody knee), I got Anya inside and then went to help Matt find Milo.

Picture this in your head: Me hobbling down the street calling out Milo’s name, Matt about 50 yards in front of me running as fast as he can, and Milo running along, stopping to pee on bushes and people’s lawns, turning back to see us calling his name/running after him, then continuing to book it away from us as if this was some fun game, with Milo singing, “Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Gingerbread man!”

In retrospect, it was a pretty hilarious scene I’m sure. When Matt finally caught the little stinker, Milo did his whole cowering low to the ground, fully knowing he was in big trouble. Matt carried him home under his arm, as I followed back hobbling along, hoping that no one in the neighborhood had watched that entire embarrassing scene.

Milo has pulled many stunts in his time, going on tours of the neighborhood, leaving us “presents” when he was angry with us in our apartment, digging a hole through our carpet when we left him home for the first time ever, and eating cat poop (AKA Kitty Roca, it’s a delicacy) whenever he can get his little mouth into the cat litter (cat poop vomit is the worst thing ever, especially when your dog vomits ON you)…

But we still love him nonetheless. He’s our little buddy, Anya’s best friend, and I would not change a thing about him… except maybe his love for cat poop, because seriously that was the worst experience ever.



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