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Exploring Pike Place Market


So today, because of the industry I work in, our office closed early due to having Good Friday off. After thinking about going straight home, I realized this was a perfect opportunity to go spend a few hours at Pike Place shopping and taking photos until Matt got out of work. I work around 5 blocks away from Pike Place but don’t get much of a chance to run down there since work keeps me pretty busy.

Pike Place Market is one of my favorite places to walk around, as long as it’s not during the weekend. Any time I’ve gone on the weekend with friends or family, it’s been nothing short of insane. You can’t move, people stop short walking in front of you and it can just be an annoying experience. However, during the week, when it’s not packed full of tourists, it’s a great place to wonder around and people-watch. There are tons and tons of beautiful flowers. In fact, this is where we got all of our flowers for our wedding. Centerpieces, bridal bouquets, everything. The woman put together everything for me, so all I had to do when I got back was tape up the bridal bouquets and put ribbon on them. The centerpieces just had to be put in mason jars. Total cost for 23 beautiful bouquets? 120 dollars. We tipped her an extra 20 just for being super awesome and nice and for putting it all together for us.

That being said, I love the flowers at Pike Place. They’re always fresh, they’re always colorful, and they’re remarkably inexpensive. Five dollars will buy you a “small” bouquet, which really isn’t even small at all. Ten dollars gets you this ginormous bouquet that you need a bigger vase for. Very rarely do I come home without a bouquet. Unfortunately, today was one of those days. I had to carry a massive (and heavy) bag of vegetables/fruits (we’ll get to that), along with my Timbuk2 and my camera and well.. I wanted to try to have a hand free for photos. I’m glad I did.



I also love the fresh produce. There are tons of produce stands with every type of vegetable and fruit you can think of. I decided to stop after taking a few photos and pick up some asparagus for our dinner tonight, along with a couple pieces of fruit. I left with corn, asparagus, cauliflower, blackberries, apples, and pears. The apples I actually came back for later after trying a sample as I was leaving with my initial produce. They’re sweet Jazz apples and they’re amazing. I actually hate apples due to texture but I couldn’t say no to these.




I walked around for awhile more, and then picked up Matt a new Pingi Hat. They’re down at the market every Monday and Thursday and I always love looking at their hats. So yeah, I got Matt Morti the moose, and it’s adorable. We now own 4 of these and uhh, yeah, they rule. I have Snoogiebear (I am obsessed with that hat) and Serengetti the giraffe. Matt also has Boegi the troll. We’re basically always smiling whenever we’re wearing them.

After more people-watching and walking around, I made my way down to Post Alley where there’s some awesome wall art/graffiti. Totally amazing and fun to look at. There is also the infamous Gum Wall, which I’d actually never traveled down to before. Holy crap it’s awesome and disgusting at the same time. It’s funny because Wikipedia mentions that it’s a popular place for wedding photographers. Oddly enough, there was a couple taking what looked to be engagement photos right by the wall. After they moved away, I took the opportunity to get a up-close and personal experience of the wall. It’s crazy because you can actually smell the mix of mint and fruit flavors from the gum. Though that was kind of nauseating, it was still fascinating to look at. All of the colors together are actually pretty beautiful and bright and vibrant and yeah, it’s kind of like a piece of artwork, only gross. Totally fun to take photos of.







I made my way upstairs and ended up sitting on a bench and listened to this guy play his violin. This is another thing I love about Pike Place; the buskers. Some of the people playing down there are amazingly talented and I love sitting around and just listening. I actually didn’t take any photos of buskers today because I felt guilty taking photos without tipping… aaaand I was cashless so, yeah. Regardless, sitting on a bench, listening to this guy play his violin, people-watching (like watching a young couple who you could tell was in the honeymoon phase of their relationship because they were nonstop kissing), and enjoying the beautiful weather just had me in such a good mood. It was super nice to be able to do what I wanted for a few hours without work or weather or anything else holding me back.

Of course, there are a bunch of other awesome vendors down at the market (yes, the fish-throwers are always entertaining), but apparently they were TOO entertaining because there were a ton of people around them.. plus, fish are not as pretty as ABC (ha, already been chewed) gum. I also love going downstairs and checking out the comic store. There’s always tons of fun things to look at and sometimes buy.

In the end, I explored, I photographed, I people-watched, I smiled, I enjoyed. I was reminded of why Pike Place Market is one of the many reasons I love this city so much.



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Are YOU a turd to your fellow elevator riders?

Inspired by my husband Matt’s frustration with people’s craptastic elevator etiquette this morning, I figured I’d dedicate a little blog post to remind people of the aggravating moves you may be guilty of pulling when it comes to riding the elevator. So with that, I present to you terrible elevator etiquette (and then a reminder of how not to be a turd).

1. I typically walk into my building in the morning, grumbling to myself that I’m in for another long day at work, and as I round the corner, I get really excited that no one else is waiting for the elevator. I should probably add that I work on the 2nd highest floor of our building, so I’m basically always the last one off the elevator. As I wait for my elevator, I start to notice other people gathering around, each taking a different spot, eyeing each other in hopes that they’re standing next to the magical elevator that will open and guarantee them a prime spot. Next thing I know, there are 10 people waiting for an elevator, and the elevator furthest from me opens up. Everyone makes their way down, vying for a spot in the tiny box, and I realize I’ll be the last to get on. Suddenly, out of nowhere, some businessman in his tidy business suit, reading his work e-mail on his iPhone, whips around the corner and STEPS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, without even looking. I’m pretty sure this is my reaction on the inside:

So business people, the lesson on this one is: Don’t cut in line for the elevator. Even if you think you’re ~SO~ important that everyone else around you doesn’t matter, you’re really not. If you could put your iPhone down for like 2 seconds and realize the world doesn’t revolve around you, maybe I could actually get on the elevator I’ve been waiting for for the past 10 minutes.

2. Okay, onwards and upwards to another valid and crappy move. I get on the elevator after a few people and go to reach over to push my floor button.. except in order for me to do so, I’m forced to graze your junk/possibly a boob. I give you a smile and hope, “Hey, I got on the elevator, maybe you’ll get the hint that most times a person enters the elevator, they need to push a button and YOU SHOULD MOVE so they can do so.” Unfortunately, most people who violate this rule don’t think this and instead think, “LOL I’M GONNA STAND HERE AND LOOK AT MY PHONEZ, LULZ.”

In turn, I have to awkwardly ask if you’ll move, in which I always seem to get the same reaction… Person looks up from their phone, gives me a look like I just smashed their phone and punched a kid in the face, and moves a half step back from the buttons. It’s awesome, no really, it is.

Please don’t stand near the buttons on the elevator and get upset when someone asks you to move so they can push their floor’s button. It’s not really the best way to start my morning by being looked at like I’m the worst person on earth, seriously.

3. Okay, last one I promise. Everyone gets on the elevator, we’re all happy, we’re on our way up, woo! We get to someone’s floor, lady walks off and the person standing near the buttons is evidently in la la land. So we wait.. and wait some more.. when I realize this person is NOT a fan of hitting the “door close” button, even though we have another 7 stops to go. Problem is, this person apparently really enjoys standing and being squished in an elevator with random people SO MUCH that they want to extend their time together and let the doors shut on their own.

Okay well, I don’t. I really would like to get to my office so later on I can leave work on time and not miss my train. So if you’re the “button person”, and you work in a building where the elevator doors take forever to shut on their own, hitting the “door close” button makes everyone else on your elevator happy. So much so, they may even want to give you a high five for being so awesome and such a speedy door closer.

Avoid those 3 steps and you’re on your way to not being an elevator turd.

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