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Talk about being MIA…

Jeebus. I went MIA for way too long. No excuses, honestly, except maybe that I was just too busy enjoying the holidays? I don’t really know, but I can’t really guarantee that I won’t go MIA again, but at least I have a pretty good reason for why I won’t be around… We’re leaving for Disney World in 2 weeks. Seems like yesterday I was talking about how we’d just booked our trip… Weird, huh? Last night I made an awesome countdown for our final days; here’s a few photos of it/us taking down day 15 this morning:

So yeah, 14 days. I’m thinking what I might end up doing is this epic trip report once we’re back, of all our days in Disney World, so people can see what our trip was like. It might be fun to do anyway, and would be a great excuse to update my blog on a daily basis. πŸ™‚

Outside of getting ready for our trip, Christmas was excellent. We’ve been doing a lot of playing with our gifts! I got one of those ice cream maker attachments for my KitchenAid stand mixer and so Matt and I worked together on making our first ice cream together! We decided to do a white chocolate Oreo ice cream. It was AMAZING.

We followed a custard recipe from a booked called The Perfect Scoop (and also after seeing Kim’s custard recipes turn out AMAZING over on her blog Domestocrat) and I can’t see us making it any other way! It’s a little bit of a process (you have to temper the egg yolks and basically not scramble them), but it’s REALLY cool to make your own ice cream and then enjoy the crap out of it. We’re thinking about making another one for this weekend… Maple walnut is sounding kind of tasty!

Outside of that, we’ve also been watching Cheers (season 1), which has actually been wonderful. I grew up watching re-runs here and there, but never really got into it since I was all of like.. 2 when the show started. But I love it. It brings me back to Boston and makes me smile in every episode.

While Matt’s been enjoying Skyrim and Zelda for the Wii, I’ve been playing a TON of Super Mario 3Dland. It’s seriously so addicting and has become one of my more favorite Mario games in recent years. I don’t think it beats out Super Mario World from the SNES, but it’s most certainly a really fun game to play through and I can see myself playing it again. I’ve also enjoyed playing Mario Kart 7… Honestly, both of those games have reminded me why I’m really happy to have a 3DS.

On the weight loss front, well, I’ve gotta be honest. I haven’t weighed myself in a month or more. Why? Because we took a little break from counting calories around the holidays… aaaand I’m not regretting it. However, what IS awesome is come yesterday, we were both ready to get back to eating healthy and it was actually really refreshing to have a salad for lunch and turkey tacos for dinner. Also, I worked up a sweat playing Kinect Sports Season 2, and today is a day at the gym, so I’m pretty happy with how we are adjusting to getting back to eating healthy again. Of course, this is only going to last for 2 more weeks because then we’re on vacation (and we get to enjoy lots of restaurants and delicious food, while managing to walk a TON of miles around the parks), but it’s been nice to be back to healthy eating again.

Do I think I gained weight over the holidays? Without a doubt. But I’m not upset by it because I know I’ve still got this, I’m living my life in a different way now. My normal eating habits are 10 times healthier than they’ve ever been, and outside of holidays and vacation, I’m going to continue to lose this weight. I’m in a really great place right now with this, and even with the knowledge that I probably gained weight, I’m okay with that. It’s a great feeling, honestly.

Uhh, aside from all of THAT, I finished my 365 day photo project! I’m so proud of myself for that, too. I have a really awesome plan for all of the photos I took, so be on the lookout for when I make a blog post about the whole thing. I’ll save my discussions of the photos for that post, because I think it’ll be REALLY awesome to look back. Also, it became such a part of my life that I decided to start a new project, 366 (it’s a leap year!) days, 366 photos. I just couldn’t say no. πŸ™‚

That’s about it on my front for now. It’s definitely in my NY resolutions to make more of an effort to blog, I swear. It’s just sometimes hard to find the time, honestly, but it’s not much of an excuse. I’ll definitely update you guys the closer I get to our trip, which is what I’ve spent a LOT of my time writing about as of late, but I figure unless you love Disney as much as I do, this blog would probably become boring to most of you quite quickly. Buuuut if you enjoy hearing about Disney trips, well, my blog posts after our trip should be pretty entertaining.



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PAX 2011: Bastion, Fortune and Glory, and The Behemoth!

This post? This is where you see me nerd out. And I mean REALLY nerd out (but dammit, there isn’t anything wrong with it). So if you don’t care about board games or video games or me geeking about said things, you should probably skip this post because it’ll: A. Bore you to death and B. You’re going to find that I’m a total dork and probably just think I’m a total goober.

Anyway, remember how I told you guys I went to my nerd game convention? I totally forgot in addition to ya know, going, I’d actually make a post about it. Overall, we had a ton of fun. We walked a LOT because we’re on our feet the whole while there, so comfy sneakers were a must and I’m glad I wore them.


First thing you need to understand about PAX is how it’s basically a huge convention for people to hear and see the creators from their favorite games, get to preview and play games that aren’t released yet, see people’s awesome (and sometimes ridiculous) costumes, play board games and decide whether it’s something you like enough to buy, and honestly just have fun. I like PAX for this reason; it’s an environment where you can be yourself, not worry about what you’re wearing as being too nerdy (because you’re surrounded by many other nerds who will often comment on how awesome your Three MoonΒ  Keyboard Cat t-shirt is). Oh and you might even see R2D2 and C3PO like we did. πŸ™‚

Being that Matt and I are both total video game nerds and board game lovers, it only makes sense that we make our way to the convention. We have a lot of fun together, as we get to experience things that we both love or are excited for together.

We were able to see a lot of games that are coming out in the near future. I was able to play Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land, Starfox 64, Kid Icarus, Rhythm Heaven (for the Wii), both Kirby (Wii and DS) games, and Matt got to play the new Zelda for the Wii. All games were a blast and made me pretty excited for all of the great things coming out for the 3DS. I also got to play Gears of War 3, which made me realize that I miiiiight be a big fan of first person shooters. Me? Shooting crazy monsters? Yeah, I can’t deny that I enjoyed the crap out of it. Oh and I got to make a fool of myself on stage dancing to Daft Punk’s “Technologic” via Dance Central 2. It was not a pretty sight, I don’t doubt that one bit.

I think my favorite moment though had to be playing Assassin’s Creed: Revelations multi-player against 5 other people also standing nearby. While I’ve never given the single-player a try, I am in LOVE with the multi-player. There’s such strategy in hunting down your target, while trying to blend in with the crowds… It’s fun. Anyway, they came out with a re-vamped multi-player for the new game that’s coming out in November, and I totally came in first in my group. I totally beat the guys and dammit, I was proud.

It kind of made me think about why I love playing multi-player online games so much.. I think being a female gamer and beating a male at a game is pretty empowering and just all-around fun. I like it even more when you’ve got some asshole who is talking crap about other people playing the game, and you can rub it in their face that yes, they were just beat by a woman. I can’t even begin to tell you how hilarious some of the reactions you get are. I think female gamers are becoming more and more accepted as time goes on, but there’s still a definite feeling of video games are for BOYS and that kind of crap. Not true, and I’ll continue to play when I can.

Anyway, another fun part of PAX is all of the ridiculous amount of free stuff you get. I think I walked out of there with around 5 free t-shirts, a scarf, blinky glasses, tons of pins, free game codes, beta invites, bandanas, etc. Some people go to collect tons of free stuff, I just kind of get it as we go. The only items we actively waited in line for that were free were these awesome t-shirts for ICO and Shadow of the Colossus. They only gave away 500 of each, so they’re very rare limited run t-shirts. What’s funny is while waiting, we actually made friends with the guy in front of us. This is what I love about PAX; you feel comfortable enough to just start talking to whoever is next to you and 95% of the time they’re super friendly.

We also bought a lot of fun stuff, including the best t-shirts and cutest Pink Knight figure by The Behemoth, the Bastion soundtrack (we got to meet the whole Supergiant Games team who developed that game which was AWESOME!), Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries, Ascension, Rune Age, and the COOLEST board game ever, Fortune and Glory: The Cliffhanger Game.

Fortune and Glory is like this epic Indiana Jones-esque board game that is an absolute blast. You even get to fight Nazi enemies as Sharon Hunter, a daring photographer, or jump on a zeppelin and try to steal fortune coins from Nazis, or go after an artifact called “The Skull of Medusa.” I thought it’d be too complicated for me and that I wouldn’t like it but um, no. It rules. I’m in love with it, and I totally feel like a bad ass when I go after an artifact called, “The Skull of Medusa” and get past the evil traps and other crazy items you face on your expedition.

So yes, you could say we had an absolute blast this year at PAX. We walked, we demo’ed, we played, we bought, we conquered… and I cannot wait until next year when I get to nerd out all over again.


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It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?

Hi friends. I took a big ol’ step back from the blogging and decided to start spending my time on other stuff. Work became really intense, and other things have started to take up my time. But good things (at least I think so)! Between my workouts, making healthy dinners, and trying to enjoy what’s left of my free time every night after I commute home from work and make dinner, there hasn’t been a great amount of time for me to dedicate towards blogging.

It’s hard, too, when the weight loss starts to slow down, you start to generally eat the same foods most days, and you in turn just don’t have the time you had before to write about recipes or foods or anything. It’s kind of sad, but I think it’s also a good thing that eating healthy and doing workouts has literally become such a normal part of my life that I don’t even know what to say about it anymore.

I think the other part is, I’m not losing these huge amounts anymore week by week, nor am I weighing myself every week right now… So while I am definitely doing well and am enjoying the weight loss, it’s sometimes something I literally just forget about. Plus with the massive plateau I hit, I got frustrated and honestly didn’t want to talk about it on here. I wanted to keep my head down and keep eating healthy and exercising and not stress out about it.

This past week I tried eating extra calories on days I worked out. I’d read that adding calories and making sure to eat your exercise calories can sometimes help. Evidently something worked as I finally got to a new low, which has been weeks in the waiting. This weekend we were at PAX, and therefore didn’t eat extremely healthy while actually there (but ate healthy outside of it!), but I’m back to the norm this morning. It helped that we were on our feet for around 4-6 hours every day, walking around the expo hall and downtown Seattle, but now I’m body is so so sore I need to take a day off today from working out. I’ll be back at the gym tomorrow, because I’m afraid if I go today I’m going to legitimately pull a muscle or make things worse. I kind of feel like a stiff zombie when I get up to walk, haha.

Anyway, we’ll see what the next few weeks bring with weight loss. I’d really really like to get past the 50 pound weight loss mark, but again we’ll see. I’ve been receiving more and more compliments on my weight loss though from lots of people and that really has been awesome. Makes me feel good about myself and proud that I’m doing this! Still so much more of a journey to go, but I’m doing this the best way possible that will allow me to actually maintain my weight loss as a whole versus gaining back all of the weight I’m losing. I think by doing it this way, and going through an (honestly at times tough) journey, once I reach my goal I will remember the road that led me to that loss and remember how difficult it could be to lose weight, thus sticking with the right choices when it comes to food.

I hope to have more time to post, I really do. I had wanted to talk about PAX from this weekend, and I probably will, but I need some time to absorb the whole weekend. It was exhausting but fun and made me realize how much more social I’ve become with strangers, haha. It also made me realize how cool I look in a purple Dance Central 2 scarf with blinking glasses… Throwing up my best Zoolander.

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Ooh la la! A Weighty Mix gets a new look!

Sooooo it’s Friday! And I’m not in pain! You know what that means? A new blog design! Now it isn’t anything fancy, since I only have a free WordPress site and can only customize certain things, but I did switch over to using a different theme, and I will pat myself on the back for creating the new header. I actually did that with an iPad app called Photo Wall. I’d say it came out pretty snazzy, no? It actually took longer than I thought it would to decide on photos to use and a background for the photos.. But I’m pretty happy with it.

Anyway, that being said, I’m pretty thrilled for the weekend and actually having a weekend, considering how much of a living hell I lived in with my tooth and stuff over 4th of July. Pretty sure the plan is to do some shopping, get some breakfast, do our weekly weigh-in, and hang out with our doggies. I’m not sure how my weigh-in will be this week; while I’ve been pretty on track with eating, I haven’t um, been feeling so great due to the Vicodin I’ve been taking. This may be TMI, but one of the not-so fun side effects is uhhh, not poopin’. Soooo that’s not helping me much, but whatever. I’ve gotta give myself a little credit and slack because this past week or so hasn’t been very ideal. Hopefully by the beginning of next week I can be off the Vicodin and the swelling/infection will be gone, but we will see.. It’d be nice to get back to my workouts (I was just getting good at them, too!)

For now I’m going to continue to eat my normal foods, my normal calories, and hope for the best. I hope everyone has a good weekend, I’m definitely planning on making up for last weekend!


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Weekend in Photos

Okay okay, so it may seem like I’m totally copping out here by not writing a full post. BUT! I’m in the process of preparing for our camping trip that we’ve literally had planned since October (wait til I post photos of the camp site we’re staying at, you’ll understand why you have to book it 9 months in advance!) Between all of this packing, list-making, and shopping, along with work (ughblah) and other stuff, I haven’t had a ton of time to write a post. So I thought it might be kind of fun to just post some photos from the weekend, which was pleasant, in lieu of a long post for today.

I should have time to write something tomorrow evening, then Wednesday night we’re doing last-minute shopping along with packing up the car. Up at around 5am to make our way up to catch our ferry, then in complete peace for a few days. I can’t even begin to explain how much I need this right now; it’s definitely coming at the right time due to work being pretty intense as of late. And don’t you worry, that trip will provide many photos and quite a post I’m sure.

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Poll time… and I need YOUR input!

So I’ve been thinking about my topics for my blog and realized I’m not sure what people like reading most. I know this thing is new but I want to have an idea of what people are interested in reading, and what people couldn’t give a crap about and/or bores them. Or maybe you guys like reading about any and everything that I post! I don’t really know! So with that, I created a few polls and would really really appreciate if people could answer the questions. It’ll take you all of 2 minutes, if that, and would really help give me an idea as to what direction I may want to go with my posts in the future/with the blog as a whole.

If you have any suggestions that I didn’t bring up in the polls, feel free to comment (but don’t be too harsh on me, I’m new to this! Haha.) Thanks so much. πŸ™‚

I’ve been fighting with the formatting on these polls for the past half hour and have given up. Sooo they look weird/terrible but I cannot for the life of me figure out why they’re turning out this way, so just pretend they don’t look horrible and stuff…

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And so it begins…

Well hey. My name’s Danielle and obviously I’m starting a new blog. I’ve had a personal Livejournal account that I’ve had since junior year of high school, but I don’t really use it anymore… So I thought it might be time for something a little more grown-up, and remembered using WordPress for a college class I took, so voila, I’m here.

I’m not entirely sure if there’s a theme to this blog. Maybe it’ll be about my struggle with weight loss.. no, probably not. I mean, yeah I’ve been struggling since pretty much forever, but I’m making changes and while I’ll definitely talk about that, I don’t want to be a total Debbie Downer. So it’ll probably be a mix of my weight loss journey (and dammit, this time I will beat it for the sake of my future kids and my future health), random funny bits about my dogs, funny moments with my husband, Matt, and how cool being married can be, photos from my life, fun video games… among lots of other things. Work will probably stay out of most things, because I work in a pretty hush hush industry (no, I don’t sell babies on the black market), and I’d really rather not get fired for saying the wrong thing… So yeah! Here’s hoping this works out and maybe some people start reading. And here’s also hoping I have the energy to balance life and keeping this updated.


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