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Lists, lists, and more lists

So I’ve been kind of procrastinating on doing my blog for today. Mainly because I’ve been working on some other pretty important things, but also because I was honestly running a blank on what to write about. I then remembered reading a book about lists; grocery, to-dos, etc. It was actually more amusing than you’d think. So this got me thinking… What lists do I have of my own?

I dug out my iPhone and went through and was shocked to learn that I haven’t deleted all of my lists, and in fact, I had a few that puzzled me or amused me.

I found one from awhile ago, and it was a huge slap in the face of how terrible I was eating. Ingredients for a not low-cal quiche, crescent rolls and “weenies” (haha this made me laugh), and crappy frozen food… I’m glad we made the change to healthier foods and a healthier lifestyle.. Amazing how your shopping list changes.

The next one puzzled me. 4 really random items, that I most definitely don’t eat… But then I remembered it was stuff for Matt, post-tooth extraction. I’ve never seen someone in so much pain or so exhausted from a dentist appointment.

Fun fact: Our dentist actually keeps Matt’s tooth on his desk (weird, I know) as he said it was his most challenging tooth extraction ever.

I found a list for packing for our honeymoon. This just made me miss the crap out of Disney World. We had the best time ever on that trip; it was our first real vacation together. I’d like to go back with Matt again, before we have kids one last time, and then surprise our kids in the future. Disney is near and dear to us.

Also, I realized I bring a LOT of electronics/gadgets with me on trips. Maaaaybe I should start packing a little lighter, haha.

I’d say my favorite list I found was from 292 days ago, July 28th, 2010. I actually remember sitting down and writing this list with Matt as we laid in our bed, still reeling from the fact that we’d been living in our house for only a month, stressing out over everything we needed to do for the wedding.

No wonder we were so stressed… Just reading this list now is overwhelming! Yet I remember that night, having a near-anxiety attack as Matt calmed me down, letting me know we would get every single item done on that list. Going through it right now, we somehow (with some help from our friends and family) actually got it all done.

It’s a bittersweet reminder of how wonderful the day turned out and how many people helped us prepare on that day, but it’s also a reminder of how stressful wedding planning could be. I don’t miss the lists, the delegating, the favor-making, and how much of our time was consumed by it all. I loved our wedding, it was a beautiful day that I will never forget. But I like being married a lot more.

Who would’ve thought looking at lists could actually be fun? It’s weird how those lists of random items can bring you back to certain times and bring back vivid memories. I’m actually glad I still have them stored on my phone just so I can randomly remember these significant moments through insignificant notes. I totally can’t delete them now; I like remembering these little moments in my life.


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