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When things get difficult…

I haven’t really wanted to write a whole lot here recently. Last week was hard and I wanted nothing more than to not talk to anyone, not listen to anyone’s problems, to just zone out and be quiet for awhile. I’m still feeling this way a little, and I find myself more often than not getting lost in my own thoughts and not really listening to people. My cousin Ricky passed away last week at the age of 33, and it hit the whole family really hard.

I knew I’d be sad; I love my family, even though on that side (my Mom’s side) I don’t get to see them very often at all, especially now that I live on the west coast. My Mom is one of 13, and everyone has at least one kid (usually more than that), and now some of those kids have kids, so basically.. My family is HUGE. But yet, somehow, even though there are tons of us, we’re still close. When I found out Ricky passed away, I just couldn’t stop thinking about him, his wife, his two little girls, his mother, his brothers and sister Amy… I could go on. The whole family is devastated. Rick was known for his smile and you could always see how much he loved his family. He worked hard to provide for his family but always made time for Molly and Lucy.. To lose him now, so suddenly, it’s hard to sit and think about how everyone needs to stay strong. How can you stay strong when you’ve lost so much?

It put a lot of things in my life into perspective. I knows it’s cliche to say the whole, “Life’s too short”, but this is when I realize, it really is. It’s been forcing me to think about the hard things, the things that I don’t want to think about. So I’ve been trying to keep my mind occupied by other things, to not think about death, but it’s hard. Things keep bringing me back to it. And I can’t stop thinking about Rick’s family. Those two little girls… It literally has broken my heart for them.

The one thing that I remind myself of is the huge family we do have; they are there to support each other when they need it the most. To support Trish and the girls, Auntie Dottie, Amy, Sean, and Jason.. The family is there for them. It’s hard to be 3,000 miles away from it all, when you want nothing more than to just offer some sort of help or support, but can only offer words. I do find comfort, though, in knowing that my family is there for them when they need it most.

Rick is going to be sorely missed by so many people, and I really don’t think the healing process is going to be easy. But the one thing you can find comfort in for now is the friends and family that are there to help start the process… It’s going to be a very long road but I find comfort in knowing that Rick will continue live on through Molly and Lucy.

Rest in peace, Ricky..


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8 years…

Saturday marked my 8 year anniversary with Matt. Our wedding anniversary isn’t until September, but we still celebrate the anniversary that marks the day we met. I actually spent a little time earlier looking through super nerdy Livejournal posts I wrote at the time, the days before and days after Matt found me on… It’s painfully awkward to read past entries, wondering why I was such a dork (but not before reminding myself that I WAS 18 at the time).. But there is also something cute about the fact that I actually saved the conversations we first had when we started talking… They brought me back to that night, where I first felt butterflies and wondered if this guy was real.

It was made real on June 18th, 2003. I knew, I swear to God I knew that we were going to be together forever. And here we are 8 years later, married, with a house, 2 dogs and a cat… And still so happy. We’ve grown so much both as individuals and as a couple, but it’s remarkable how we haven’t grown apart, but rather much closer. I couldn’t be happier to spend my free time with him, and firmly believe in the Mumford and Sons lyrics, “Where you invest your love, you invest your life.” I’m happy to invest my love and share my life with him. Now that we have our own little family, it’s pretty awesome to look forward to such a wonderful future for us.

Anyway, that being said, we had a wonderful anniversary. We woke up Saturday morning, and started off the morning with our weekly weigh-in. We EACH lost a whopping 7 pounds! I was so happy I danced.. and very proud of us both. We got ready, grabbed a quick breakfast at Starbucks, and went to Kent Station to go see Super 8, which we’d both been dying to see.

I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It brought back fond memories of movies like The Goonies and Jurassic Park, and the magic/wonder of movies like E.T. I am looking forward to it coming out on DVD for sure!

There was a dog jumping competition going on for the weekend at Kent Station, so we watched doggies leap in the air and into a big swimming pool. It was actually really cute and fun to watch.

We made our way over to Bath and Body Works for more wallflowers for the house (and Matt had to drag me away from everything since I tend to buy crap tons of stuff in that store every time), then headed out for Alki Beach, which is where Matt proposed and where we got married.

We hadn’t been back since our wedding so the drive over was a totally weird experience for each of us. It brought back such intense memories of the drive over to the bathhouse with my sister and my Dad, and for Matt he remembered coming around the corner and hearing “Awake My Soul” by Mumford and Sons, as he was on his way to marrying little old me.

We parked and had lunch at Pegasus, since we love their pizza (yay cheat meals!) and I had a Livingsocial deal. It was good but SO filling, so we left with tons of leftovers for dinner later. After we dropped off the pizza in the car, we went for a walk on the beach, combing the sand for sea glass, talking about our wedding, and watching seagulls pick away at the low tide leftovers. I eventually found one tiny piece of sea glass, and totally came across a heart-shaped rock… Though when I showed it to Matt, excitedly telling him it was a little heart, he responded with, “…or a kidney bean.” Such a romantic husband, right?

We played around on the sea wall for awhile, walked by the bathhouse where an event was going on, and eventually made our way over to the mini Statue of Liberty. Why it’s there, I do not know but it always amuses me because it’s so miniature.


We got in the car, and Matt drove around the bend where he had proposed to me. We got out, and went to the very spot he proposed, the bench we sat on as we hugged and he told me the whole story of how he planned it and how Beefo helped, and then saw a bunch of geese and their little babies, all eating grass. It was really cute and also made me really happy to be back in such a special spot. It blows both of our minds that it was 3 1/2 years ago when he proposed… I swear it seems like yesterday I was bending down to tie my shoelaces on my black Chucks after Matt told me we were going on one of our nighttime adventures… Listening to Silverchair as we drove over the West Seattle bridge. It’s weird how quickly or slowly time can pass by..

We made a little trip to Barnes and Noble and Target, then got hone and took it easy, eating leftovers and watching Close Encounters of the Third Kind (which I’d never seen before)… It was the perfect way to spend our anniversary; fun adventures during the day and staying in and cuddling at night.

I was so happy to celebrate our 8 year anniversary for the first time as husband and wife… Even though it’s felt like we’ve been married for many years. It just feels nice that it’s official and that I can call him my husband. 🙂


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Wedding Deets: Where the Wild Things Are

So I’ve been thinking about weddings lately, with knowing so many friends who are getting married in the very near future or just got engaged… and then start thinking about how ours was, and how we’ll be celebrating our 1 year anniversary in a few months… Anyway, that being said, I thought it might be kind of neat to have a few posts here and there on special details from our wedding, even some DIY projects (like our origami fortune teller place cards for everyone), advice, etc… I’m pretty proud of our wedding and some of the details that I want to share.

The one thing that stuck out to me recently was how I remember wishing I had a blog because I so badly wanted to show off the sneakers we wore for our actual ceremony, the story behind them, photos, etc. These sneakers are the kind of sneakers you want to show off to the whole world because of how amazing they are, so they’re getting their very own post, months later.

I should start off by saying that both Matt and I love the book Where the Wild Things Are. Matt grew up in love with it, especially the character Bernard. I fell in love with the book, planning to read it to our future children, and also with Maurice Sendak’s style in general. In fact, we made it a point to go see the Pacific Northwest Ballet’s version of The Nutcracker, because the entire set was designed by Maurice Sendak. It’s the best version of The Nutcracker ever, and you can only see it in Seattle. My favorite is the Chinese tiger:

(Photos found on Google image search, so no, they’re not mine!)

We of course saw the movie in theaters, and also own it on DVD, and both absolutely adored it. So you get it, we’re big fans.

Fast forward to our rehearsal dinner, the night before our wedding. We are each given a box from Matt’s mom, Sue, and she told us to open them in front of everyone. Having no idea what was inside, as soon as I saw the sneakers I gasped, and started to cry. Sue had created custom-painted Where the Wild Things Chuck Taylors for us. (The entire wedding party was to wear Chucks for the wedding, we both planned on just wearing the plain black ones.)

Each individual sneaker was different, as she re-created scenes from our favorite children’s book onto the sneakers, along with our wedding date and even our wedding logo. I was so taken aback by this kind gesture, as people ooh-ed and aah-ed at them, and hearing about how the sneakers took Sue months upon months to create. She is a wonderful artist and loving mother and for her to surprise us like this just overwhelmed me and had me in tears.

Mine were laced with ribbon, which was such a cute idea.

Bernard made an appearance on Matt’s pair. 🙂

Both of our pairs had the same back/inside designs, including our wedding date and wedding logo:

We wore the sneakers for the ceremony only, mainly because I was scared crapless of ruining them since it was raining outside, and I really didn’t want to crack the paint because of how they were really a piece of artwork.

The shoes now sit in our bedroom, Matt’s pair on his side and mine on my side of the room. Every time I see them they remind me of such a beautiful day but also the love and thought that was put into each sneaker.

I think it’s safe to say that we own some of the coolest wedding sneakers ever.

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Off to Boston we go!

So I didn’t have much time to write an update for today (which I normally do the night before I publish/publicize it)… Why? Been packing for the quickest trip EVER to Boston. We leave tonight, get in around 7:30 in the morning, then we’re picking up our car, making a stop at Boston College (of course), grabbing breakfast then heading down to Abington for the day. We’re planning on spending the day with family, doing lunch with my Dad and sister, then dinner later with my Mom, sister and cousins.

I’m hoping we’re still awake to make it back to Lawrence that night so we can check in and conk out. Seriously though, if I don’t sleep on the plane tonight, Matt has threatened that he will be very mad. Let’s just say when we went on our honeymoon and did a red-eye flight, in which I got no sleep on it, I had a mega meltdown over having 2 queen size beds vs. one king size in our room.. Yeah, it was stupid and I don’t want to have that again, ha.

Saturday is the big wedding day! Thankfully we can sleep in a bit before getting ready and helping out with picking up some stuff (cheese in particular) for the wedding, then making our way to the venue. I plan on sneaking in some photos (because who wants to wait til FOREVER to get photos of their wedding back? It’s always nice to see it from the guests’ point of view).

After all the wedding fun, we’ll go back to our hotel, go to bed, and get up at 4:30am so we can return our car and make our flight. Back to Seattle by 11am. Definitely a fun weekend but holy crap if I don’t get sick for the lack of sleep/being on a plane, it’ll be a miracle.

Anyway, all that being said, I’ll try my best to update tomorrow, though I’m not sure I’ll have much time. So if I disappear, don’t worry because Monday will be a nice massive recap of our weekend, with lots of photos.

Boston, here we come!


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